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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Sunset Monologue 27

Life is a Series of Lists

Five on the Black Hand Side

Five Five Five Five Let's Sing A Song About FIVE - How Many Is FIVE?!

Things Brothas Say When They Meet Me
Pictures do you NO justice
What beautiful eyes
You're just like you are online
Wow you're alot thinner in person
You're short

Movies I Wanted to be In
Set It Off
Gone With the Wind
The Wiz
Love Jones
Disappearing Acts

Things I'd Grab In A Fire
My Photo Album
My Michael Jackson CD Collection
My Religious Materials
My Coach Pocketbook
My Computer

Fiction Books I've Read More Than Once
The Coldest Wynter
Everything by Beverly Jenkins
The Color Purple
Sex Chronicles
Waiting to Exhale

Drinks I like
Sea Breeze
Cape Cod
Vodka Water
Watermelon Puckers & Lemonade
Long Island Iced Tea

Restaurants I Like
India Palace
Olive Tree in NY

Toys I like
My Scene Dolls
American Girls
RuPaul Doll
Polly Pockets

Vacations I'd Like to take
Western Caribbean Cruise

Songs That Make Me Cry
Sparkle by Cameo
Lady of My Life by Michael Jackson
Yes by Whitney Houston
Heaven Can Wait by Michael Jackson
You Put A Move On My Heart by Tamia

You Are My Sunshine

Ahhh, what is it about the sun? As I was sitting outside today at lunch, my head instinctively lifted to feel it's rays. It's equivalent to touch in my book. I was drawn to it's power, soaking in it's rays, feeling my skin drink it in from a long winters nap. As I toasted in MY sun, I saw others TOASTING and I just had to laugh as my skin welcomed and embraced the sun MY sun; I'm glad you're back making love to me.

You attract some weird shit

and you know what I do - I can't even deny it, lol I am a magnet for just out the box situations:

A. I saw someone I had 'dealings' with on a VERY explicit site - okayyyy;

B. Someone I was chatting with (and flirting with) had 'dealings' with my younger
sista and now wants to go Herb to her Peaches and "Reunite";

Tomorrow is another day and my magnet is at full volume.

Baby Daddy of the Week

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