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Monday, March 21, 2005

Sunset Monologue 19

That Male/Female Thang

Cooper Laurie's My Woman

Lately I’ve been having a lot of conversation about male/female relationships on all levels. At work, home, on the phone and on the net - it seems that we spend A LOT of time trying to figure out how to co-exist in this world. There are all kinds of rhetorical conversation as to WHY and WHEN we became so disjointed, but it doesn’t solve our immediate problem - we are going into what 20 years of being that way. Sure we’ve always had problems but from the age of 18 until my now 39th year of existence - things have gotten BAD!

I have no idea what you want and for some reason I’ve been getting the impression that you just don’t CARE what I want. It seems as if for both sexes the wading thru the cesspool to find that one flower is getting harder and harder and quite frankly, who wants to be bothered, lol

The internet has spoiled my generation rotten! The ability to look wayyyy outside of our immediate circle has left us naked and out of doors in more instances than not. We have succumbed to the escapism that the net provides and we’ve all started to believe our own hype. According to us we are all ‘fit, stable, God-fearing, gainfully employed and might I add - off the chain in the sack!

I find it hard to even have casual conversation anymore with brothas on line because there’s always this……AND. And what? We’re talking, why must there be something else? Do you have anything pressing to do? Don’t let me hold you, lol Brothas no longer return casual emails, or phone calls unless you lower your voice to that seductive tone and imply that there’s more to come.

Sistas have just quite frankly - gone savage! We are naked, raunchy, vulgar and overly aggressive as if our Vaginas are on fire and only a man’s hose can put it out! We have eaten the man shortage sandwich and are DETERMINED to get us one of the three men left by any means necessary.

I envision, because the earth is round which means it’s going to come back around again, that the Brothas and Sistas who are now being trampled by the rabid masses - slowly but surely start to be seen and heard and that the noise of us few - drowns out the chit chit chatter of the rest.

Bitter Bitter Bitter

Cooper Laurie's "Face Reality"

The Dictionary defines Bitterness as “Difficult or distasteful to accept, admit, or bear, Proceeding from or exhibiting strong animosity: Resulting from or expressive of severe grief, anguish, or disappointment: Marked by resentment or cynicism

Think on that the next time you call a woman bitter - does she have a reason to be?

Calling the MAN on your MAN

One of the lessons learned from the Atlanta Brian Nichol’s Case is the following: When you call the MAN on YOUR MAN, you set in motion something that is totally out of your control. To many times in our various fits of rage, we decide that the best way to ‘get him’ is to call the Authorities/Police. What we fail to understand is that after we calm down and are laying up next to said brotha - the MAN is happily working overtime to make sure he puts us out of our ‘misery’. Stop, Breathe and THINK before you pick up the phone!

The Emancipation of MiMi

Mariah "Mi Mi" Carey
Well look who’s back?! Mariah Carey! Coming out strong with her first single; “It’s Like That”. In stores April 12th. Not sure if MTV is still jocking her, but you know we’ll welcome her on back with open arms, lol

Feeding MY TV Addiction

Arghhhhhhhh! I am so fustrated.! Why does television hook you on shows and then just when you are rearranging your life to watch; they start the re-runs!! EVERYTHING is for the most part in re-runs and I’m sick of it!! I haven’t even been really watching, because my schedule is set and I don’t want to add any ‘new’ shows to the roster. I did watch “House” the other day however and was intrigued since ER is now the free clinic or something; I have been on the market for a new hospital show.. I might have to start taping Amazing Race to check this out since Rob and Amber have taken the keystone cop aspect out of the show with their scheming. I don’t want to see a calculated run, I want to see it wild and free! We’ve only had what? 4 episodes of Girlfriends, what’s the deal with this?! I know the non-reality shows better come on and come on quick!

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