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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Sunset Monologue 15

There's To Much Booty in the Pants!

Can she share?

ASSumptions Galore

"Mommy are you getting a booty?" Mini-me snapped me to attention! HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE!! Call Nelly I need some Apple Bottoms, I'm bout to drop down and get my eagle ON!

Let me backtrack a bit - contrary to what the media and videos and so-called hip white women want us to think; all sistas don't have a round ample bottom. Some of us are not end tables but more shall we say coffee tablish or even airport rampish.

The Buttocks has always been a bone of contention with me and I can distinctly remember the first time I figured I was about to be in trouble: LL Cool J's "Brenda got a big ole butt" What in the world?! Where did she get THAT from? I was appalled while my Husband sat with that 'man grin' on his face.

I remember asking my Mom what happen to the booty in our family? We all look like weeble wobbles but they don't fall down - and if they do - they have no real bottom to cushion the fall, lol

I've been like alot of women at several different weights in my life time and none of them included having an arse. So for my daughter to make that comment something must be going on.

Well I stood in my bedroom, looking at the door; knowing that behind it lay the answer to her and now my question - the mirror was back there.

I swung it open and spun around and Did I not hear ANGELS sing!? Is that the Philharmonic Orchestra striking up?! I had an ASSSSSSSS!! A real live, stick out rotund ass! I twirled around in that mirror looking at my new acquisition and wondered "hmm where did this come from?" Doesn't matter - cause I want it to stay and it has been quite a nice present in my 39 year of existence.

So No I ain't no Kenya Moore or you won't ever really see my bottom in no videos, but best believe me - I got a strut in my walk all of a sudden cause I got JUNK IN MY TRUNK!!!!!!!!!!!

Dead On Contact - Dying in an IM box

Spoken communication is hard enough - so I can imagine that having to 'type' your way into a persons line of sight, can be quite difficult. I have IM'ed and talked to many a people in my lifetime. One of my signature traits is that I come across as a three-dimensional person on paper just like in person. I am alive thru the written word and my personality shines thru.

Well I give credit to the Brothas who have taken the time to master the medium and are adept at projecting themselves.

However, have you ever ran into someone on the IM, who talking to them is like watching grass grow? I type 80 wpm on a good day, so I don't require anyone to keep up with my flow, but have a flow of your own, especially if you contact me.

Sometimes it starts out just cool, but then it goes downhill and I'm sitting and waiting....and waiting.....and waiting for some sign of life. It never comes, so now I have to thank Yahoo for the Stealth settings, lol

If IM'ing is not your forte' then find one that is.

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