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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sunset Monologue 9

The Call of the Wild Calling Me

I was sitting here this afternoon and felt the need to be with my people. I knew just where to find them, lol So I packed up mini-me and went to fratnize. Anytime after 4pm on a Sunday you can find my people at three places: Golden Corral, Old Country Buffet or Ryans - the all you can eat buffet. A place where you can test the law of averages and put to the test if you really can eat yourself to death.

We pulled up and strolled in and I had to smile; here we are! All gussied up from Sunday Services and Hungry! You gotta love Black people because we are tribish. We like being around each other for the most part - especially when it comes to breaking bread. We'll stand in this long line with Uncle Jerome and Grandma Hattie -getting our sweet tea and Fruit Punch all day long - cause this is what we like to do - break bread with our fellow bretheren.

I like to people watch so I was in heaven. The Elders all decked out in their Sunday best, Sista my age looking like their feet hurt and sistas and brothas younger than me - children hanging from hips and arms, and the kids dozens of them, eagerly awaiting their plate of fried chicken legs, mac and cheese and a veggie which they slide around and around hoping it would just disappear because at the buffet momma lets me go get my own icecream.

Our waiter looked just like Kobe Bryant and my mind drifted as he sat the honey butter on the table to that skank who said she just put her leg on the footstool and pulled her skirt up; If I had been in that room...would I have let him

Snapping out of that, I wondered what would make a mother come out the house dressed to the nines while her child looks like he came out the five and dime. Black skin needs moisture - use some vaseline. All you can eat can be broken down into multiple plates you know, How many starving Biafrans would love to have what is left on that plate of the person whose 'eyes are bigger than their stomach'.

All this entertainment for $17.01 You can't beat that! I will have to get back soon.

Their Eyes Were Watching God

Thank GOD! It wasn't as difficult to decipher as the book, lol

It was shot beautifully and the story was rich and full like ripe ripe tomatoes, you sink your teeth into the skin and the juice just runs down your chin.

I was moved, not to tears, but moved as a 38 year old woman looking at "what do I need with that young fool" turn into something life affirming. Only one other movie moved me like that and it was "Disappearing Acts".

Halle Berry was RADIANT! However - to me she is two dimensional. We get the Losing Isiah and Jungle Fever Halle and then we get the Wedding Story and Their Eyes Were Watching God Halle. She and Oprah just work well together.

I think I'm gonna think like Teacake thought of Janie - the first part of her life she was living the old part so that when she met him she was living her youth - that's what I'm gonna give the man that will be mine - my youth - cause right now - I'm living the old part!

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