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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Sunset Monologue 5

Yes Yes Ya'll to the Beat Ya'll - - I'm BACK Ya'll

In a New York Frame of Mind!

There's No Place Like Home

Is it called 'Jet Lag' because you feel like you're dragging the fricking JET?! Well the title is fitting because there is no place like going home and then coming home. Cheesesteaks, hot sausages, 6 inches of snow and alot of loud family are descriptive words that sum up my trip, lol.

Even though I had a severe case of anxiety, this time around it was unfounded. I quite enjoyed myself. Sometimes you have to let the past go, or it will definately cloud your view of the present.

I 'almost' had a longing to come back up North. The South, and Lord knows I love it, lacks some, well okay, all of the edginess of the North. Being in that vibe filled a portion of my soul - I didn't even know was empty. Marching thru that snow with people who didn't give a damn was refreshing! Hearing the language of other cultures "Hola" and consciousness "As-Salaam-Alaikum" felt ooooh so good.

I have always described myself as a Northern trapped in a Southern Body but then again I also say I'm Scarlett O'Hara COMPLETE with Slaves. "Uh, are you gonna dance wtih ME at the B-B-Q?!"

I had to become Paris and Nicole and intern and damn near pilot the plane myself to get us home - but we got here and got home and got back to the status quo...did cha miss me?

We are Family

Is part of being mature the ability to accept that which I cannot change? Looking around at a group of people who are ME this time around, brought a different kinda reaction than I expected. These are the threads of the fabric of my life - and if the fabric is cheap polyester, then make sure you don't sit on anything that can give you a pill on your ass BUT KEEP ON STRUTTIN!! These are my peeps and I love em!

I don't Know Ya'll No Mo!

I have become bad at keeping abreast and in touch with my associates from other places - so I breeze thru town and not a soul is around. I just feel that the distance between any two people is equal if we both riding, but if only one of us is making the effort the chasm can become huge. So que cera cera!

Dateless in Atlanta - African Drums Please! My Safari

Fear: Noun; Common attribute for the 35+ African American Male;(usually accompanied by a desire to flee) - I came into the Safari quite apprehensive; this was uncharted territory and I didn't think the brochure was representing the actual tour. That turned out to be correct. "Africa" WAS a big, spansive piece of land that I immediately wanted to be used for the earth that he was going to 'plant' something in. We explored all over the motherland and it was going well. I had a great time and I discovered things about "Africa" I didn't know and things he shouldn't have told anybody, lol I was starting to feel that "Africa" might be a place I could become endeared to - in time. There was a language barrier and the food we ate didn't match, but that kinda made it exciting. I'm always up for an adventure. I was my usual vivacious self and my 'it factor' was lighting sparks all ova that country, lol lol

I came back to my own neck of the woods, fully expecting (1) "Africa" to have a breakdown and (2) For me to have to send him back to square one like a game of candyland He exceeded my wildest dreams! The speech sounds oh so familiar: "I'm overwelmed, I'm confused, I'm at a crux in my life, I don't know my purpose, It's me not you, I'm an ass, I am scared you might require something out of me other than my genitals, You are sure not like Shequanda nem...." Ok, Ok, I added some stuff - but as you laugh you know I'm telling the truth.

So I'm back in my homeland LIVID because of the plight of so many of my sistas when it comes to dating. Fear is worse than a funky veneral disease in my book and so while "Africa" quivers at the sheer thought of a piece of happiness - I march on!

"Africa" is not going to stop calling or anything because it's intriguing and at about 3am as the wet stain from Boomquisha dries and he lays there limp in body and soul - he'll think of me..........

In the meantime and in between time - "Italy" is moving to the "Greek Isles" and is having a layover in my neck of the woods - he better take his vitamins, because I'm about to lay out and TAN!

The Mike Chronicles

"Do they have MAC in Prison?"

Well the trial has started and the rumor is that Mike might take the stand and TESTIFY Lord have mercy! Didn't it sound crazy enough already? The Defense is coming strong though - did I hear the words 'crack whore'? LOL

Feeding my TV Addiction

Hmmm, America's Next Top Model got some sistas. There's Tiffany, and Keenah and finally Brandy I'm SOOO glad we didn't have to put up with 'Cat Girl' whew!

Amazing Race kicked off we have one black couple Uchenna and Joyce They came in 8th which means they betta PICK IT UP!!

My Baby Daddy of the Week

Idris Elba "Stringer" on the Wire - Liplicious

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