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Friday, February 18, 2005

Sunset Monologue 1

It's Friday Nite.....SO WHAT?!

Well it's Friday Nite and I'm already in my PJ's. I totally forgot my best friend is away with her family - so this DEFINATELY is going to be an "I didn't leave the house" weekend! I have these more than I care to admit - luckily I (1) like my house and (2) like myself - or I would be well on my way to being an Alcoholic. Speaking of, for some strange reason I'm enamoured with Boonesfarm Wine and I have a bottle of Sangria chilling as we speak. The Highlight of my evening: Breaking out the "Wing It" which we have renamed "The Wing Daddy" and making me and my daughter two 10's okay you can laugh!

Dateless in Atlanta

I am an internet dating junkie
I can admit "My name is and I'm an internet dating junkie". I have been dating off the net for YEARS. Where else can you sit in your PJ's exercise your gift of gab and pre-screen an individual without ever laying eyes on them? I have had some great relationships and some ones from hell via the internet - I recommend it to anybody. Now at the beginning of the year, I decided to step outside my 'comfort zone' and lo and behold - get off the net. After a series of just wack brothas, I wanted to try my hand at old fashion dating...Well what am I now engaged in? phone dating. You heard me right - my ear is having full fledged relationships with two brothas, who both might as well live in Europe if you me, lol

My Eargasms
Big Boi - has NOTHING on me when it comes to 'eargasms' my ear is one of the most popular ones around. It might even be considered a hoe of sorts. My ear has had the best relationships, the best sex, the best fights, the best of everything. My ear feeds off the rhymthic words of brothas I cannot see - but yet - intrigue me and seduce the ear with words. To quote Destiny's Child quite popular song "Oooh he looking good and he talkin right....."

My ear has been on the best dates - speaking to my minds eye and transporting me to uptopias I can only dream of with men who are very willing to take me theory.

I have to figure out how to connect my ear, my brain and my sight on an IN PERSON Brotha!

Until then I have......

The Brotha I'm scoping at work
I met several months ago at the job. I took one look at him back then and my candle was L-I-T! Damn this Brother got it GOING ON!! and the first thing I picked up, without any contact was his NY vibe. So I was ON IT!!

Sometimes you have things going on in your head that never make it out, but on that particular day - I was mesmerized and feeling bold - so I aligned myself in his area when he sat down to eat and then introduced myself etc. and he invited me to sit and eat with him. I was correct on all of my preliminary assumptions, lol he was from Brooklyn, single, afrocentric vibe, NICE!! Tall, fine, Timberland wearing, IT working, moustache having, NY accent speaking FINENESSSSSSSSSS!!

We saw each other a couple more times, but he is a contract worker and his time came to an end and I just never saw him.

Now two months later - here he is. I saunter (yes I said saunter) on up and I DEFINATELY LIKED the look in his eyes when he saw me. He was like "Hey sexy - I'm glad to see you" and he hugged me and everything and I'm like "stripping me naked right now isn't an option huh?" (ok, this was in my mind,lol)

I now must make up a plan of operandi - cause these vultures are thick up in this piece and I wanna see if anything can jump off between us, lol lol

The Mike Chronicles

Mike at his Maturity in my mindseye

Well I feel like I am in mourning or something. All of my 'fantasies' and my carefully crafted world of the Michael Jackson I know has been shattered! I have not been able to go to my happy place w/o this horrible stuff invading my psyche! I want my happy place back!

If I had of known my 100 letters asking him to marry me would have ended up like this - I would have sacraficed my own happiness!

Feeding my TV Addiction

Well Friday Nite is not an exceptionally good TV nite. I'm still reeling over Survivors Jolanda's big mistake. My DVR is set to record last nites Apprentice because I was watching something else and missed it. Tonite I will watch A Sharks Tale with my daughter and then probably some mindless TV until I crash out eventually.

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