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Friday, February 18, 2005

Sunrise Monologue 1

I need some sleep!

Have you ever went to sleep with the perception that you were deep deep sleep only to realize you were not? That was me last nite. I went down about midnight and mand did I fall HARD - then I was jolted awake for some reason as if I had overslept. I looked crazily at the clock, with my mind scrambling, it's morning already! - only to discover that it was one hour later. Well sleep shot to hell! because now my body was anticipating me oversleeping. What is up with that?!

I am coming up off the flu so I still have not gotten back my 'taste' (which isn't necessarily a bad thing Laugh. I have an appetite but everything taste like shoe leather so I'll stick to oatmeal for now.

Well today is Friday! Only a few short hours before we officially begin a three day weekend. Not gonna lie, Presidents Day has no significant value to me, even if it is the premiere day to buy furniture (smirk).

We have been goign thru three to four seasons in one day, so to dress 'appropriately' is a joke! That's why we are all sick! This weather is doing a number on us.

I'm coming off of an out of office meeting, so I'm SURE this morning will entail me scooping things out my chair in order to sit down.

I hope my Avon came today because my face feels well - naked without my products, lol

Journaling Question of the Day

Are you utilizing all of your personal stregths?

Isms - or what happens when I think to much

If Love is Blind - why do brothers and sistas spend so much time 'seeing' fault?

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