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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Moonlite Monologue 1

Attraction: The force by which one object attracts another

Dateless in Atlanta

My personality dictates a certain level of KAPOW! and I seek that out oftentimes to my detriment. It supercedes alot of other traits a person might be bringing to the table. I like brothas who can make my tingle from the end of my hair to the tip of my toenails. I like to feel the electricty crackling around me; making me woozy with anticipation for whatever is coming down the pike. I create so much of my own heat and energy - a man has to come with alot to overtake my natural essence. I create my own aura - so sometimes I forget to check and make sure the man has one, lol "Italy" has that. Talking to him is like going on a rollercoaster ride...standing up! I come off that ride shaken but not stirred, lol The laughter is loud, the conversation jovial, the appeal overwelming and the attraction bombastic! I pony on up and drink long and deep from his well often and when we are in person....all the lights short out in my house, lol Surprisingly..I see nor have a desire for anything real which is interesting for me. I don't see it but I want to partake of the bounty until I run into that which I want to develop something more.

All people have that certain 'something' that they desire and mine is such a fine mix and at the same time so over the top - I can't quite describe it and I run into it not that often - but I know what it is. I'm still very much discovering what makes me tick and now that I've learned how to relax, the journey is alot less fraught with strife. I am floating now on my back in some beautiful green water, looking up at a brillant sky in my love life and it has allowed me to tan quite beautifully.

I like that thing called attraction.

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