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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 1

Is it wrong to never get our your PJ's

Hmmm, Saturday Afternoon is upon us. Comcast apparently was sleeping in because I'm just being able to get on tap! Puttering around the house might make some people stircrazy but not up in here. We quite enjoy just lounging around. putter putter do something, putter putter do something else. Toss in some cleaning and it's a productive day!

Musicology - what's making my head bop

I had been on a search for the first CD by Kenny Lattimore (thanks My initial copy was somehow liberated from it's brothers and sistas in my CD case long ago. I have been jammin this bad boy all week! My favorites: Never to Busy, Joy and For You . He's married to another wonderful first CD artist Chante Moore and they came out with a CD of love duets that was okay. I wish he would come out with something new and soon.

Kenny Lattimore - 1996

Journaling Question of the Day

Are you holding yourself back from happiness? Why?

Isms - or what happens when I think to much

If we name the computer and put a leash on it, will it become a 'pet' since we play with it so much?

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