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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Sunset Monologue 3

My To Do List

When someone says "You have to much time on your hands" does that make you ponder "Am I not using my time wisely?" or "Do I have to much time on my hands?" Usually this statement comes after someone decides that your activity does not equate the level of importance of their activity. Time is relative to the person using it - what's wasteful to one is beneficial to another. Time is precious and can't be given back; so shouldn't your time be used for what you want to do? What about if you're using your time, but you feel empty, or rushed, or unproductive because you're a slave to the time as outlined by someone else?

My body needs all kinds of food to stay alive. It needs mental, spiritual, and physical food. I fill it up with junk all day long and the process of elimination is sometime fraught with constipation. My skin is dry and my soul is dry and it needs hydration. Writing is like a huge gulp of water for me. It replenishes my being and I starve myself of it's usefulness often, caught up in the day to day time constraints of living life.

This blog is not about giving the people what they want; it's about giving me what I need. I might not have words of wisdom on some days and my life and time may not be worth recording on others - but the quenching of this thirst I have is being met and until I find another well to drink to from - you'll be sharing this sip of water with me.

Dateless in Atlanta - play my theme music please

Sheniqua nem threw their darts guns at ole boy at work

SIGHI walked into the cafeteria and the 'hood' set at the job had him backed into a corner begging for his life, lol As big and fine as he was - he couldn't fight them broads,lol

We locked eyes and he smiled half heartly and then they turned around and burned a hole in my head with their colored contacts.

I'm stepping back into my corner and see how that unwinds. Cause what I thought was fear might just be sheer joy SIGH

Feeding my TV Addiction

Mama I can singgggggg
Well we are FINALLY at the actual competition for American Idol! There are 12 fellas and 12 gals competing to get down to the top 12 which will consist of six of each gender. Fox has discovered the cut and paste and copyrighted all their pictures, but you certainly can go over and take a look. The format will be one group on Monday, one group on Tuesday and the elimination on Wednesday; for three weeks! That's oh to much Idol and will eventually compete with other good shows coming down the pike such as America's Next Top Model.

So far the Fellas have outdone the women in my opinion. Anwar, Bo and Nikko are in it for me. On the gals side Nadia is about it, lol They better get some pep in their step!

The "dounk sound"
I am a die hard Law and Order fan and tonite in Law and Order SVU ADA Cabot is coming out of hiding! I cant' wait! Talk about to the cuff writing, lol

Prince gets his due
Prince will receive the NAACP's Vanguard Award March 19 at the 36th Annual NAACP
Image Awards in Los Angeles. The award is given to those "whose groundbreaking work increases our understanding and awareness of racial and social issues."

It has been presented only twice previously, to filmmakers Stanley Kramer and
Steven Spielberg.

The Image Awards will air March 25 on Fox.

Isn't it nice to see a black person get an award on a black show?

You give GOOD DRAG!
Diana Ross has a new signature collection from MAC. Sista has been giving good drag for YEARS and I applaud her! I own her Mahagony lipstick and Sonnyboy Lip Glass and all I got to say is: YOU BETTER WORK!!!!!!!!

I've got the sweetest hangover.....

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