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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Sunset Monologue 6

Where the Party at?

I've been thinking of my lack of social life lately and man is it depressing. I don't really go anywhere and the sad part? Most of my friends or people I associate in my circle don't either. That's men or women. It seems that alot of us have created this entire social setting right here - - on the computer. Here is where we come in, sit down, order a drink and commence to socializing with people, lol I even right now have a glass of wine sitting beside me. I am tapping my feet to the music on Yahoo Launch and have the little TV turned to the Apprentice with the sound down - just like at the bar; except for one thing - I'm in my Pajamas, lol lol I have talked to my friends in Cali, NY, Dallas and all points in between. We've given dap, gave hugs and shared a bowl of pretzels.

I'm looking particularly fetching tonite so I've went over to the personals and winked at a couple of guys. I saw them scoping me out and one even sent me a drink. Hold on my cell phone is ringing "hello....Hey let me call you back, the band is about to start playing and I can't hear you" changing genre of music on Launch .

Orson Wells alluded to a very scary place in his book 1984 and I'm a firm believer that the ultimate goal is to just have us never leave our homes. When did our keystrokes become more powerful than our voice? When did emoticons replace a real smile and cyber sex replace actual touch?

Will our 'alternate' reality become our reality and thus make us a shell of a human being?

All questions, I'll ask at my philosphy chat tomorrow, lol lol

Mo betta is Mo Betta

Hmmm, I had a nice long chat today with "Mo Betta". Who is Mo Betta you ask? Well let me explain Mo Betta to yah. As adults we can look back on relationships and take something from each of them as we shape who we are. Then there are those relationships that we term 'defining' as in IT was the one that XYZ. Well Mo Betta is it for me. We were the greatest love story ever told! (Ok, I might have went a bit overboard, lol) He was every love song I ever heard, every emotion I ever felt and my friend, mentor, lover, and everything in between. In each of the time spans of life I saw him: he was the brotha who led me to freedom, he was the brotha who worked in the steel mill for me, he was the brother who let me grease his head and pick out his afro, he was the brother who made me his bottom bitch. He was just THAT BROTHA!! Don't Hate, but as with alot of these types of muses - he's also the brotha that got away, lol or shall we say - worked this clay into what it is today and then left it for the world to enjoy.

It was also the most painful experience in my life when it ended. I still waver between reconciliation and the need to jam toothpicks under his toenails, but at some point you have to make a decision - be mad and have the light totally gone or accept the reality and enjoy the light in the new capacity that it is and I have chosen the latter. He is my Friend!

We talk quite blunt and candidly with each other (well I never want to hear about his romantic life because I have effectively neutered him in my mind so other women don't want him anyway, lol) Our relationship is very important as janky as it can sometimes be (this man is as elusive as the best CIA Agent) and it's just all part of the fractions of men I keep in my life to 'Frankenstein' me my own personal adonis.

Sometimes I will speak on him - but I just wanted you to know all about "Mo Betta"

Play that Funky Music!

Making me get "Headsprung"

Why are JLO and Amerie Calling me with thier FUNKY FUNKY BEATS?! DAYUMMMMMM! These two songs; J Lo's "Get Right" and Amerie's "I Thing" are number one on my list. Talk about wanting to get your stillettos out and go dancing!!

Feeding my TV Addiction

Well the first episode of America's Next Top Model has aired and check the home page for the three definite women of color (I think Naima and that other one got some blends, I just haven't verified, lol)

I am not impressed with any of them right now and I suspect the Scandavian
girl might get it, lol That's a look we haven't had on the show. Ms and
Mr Jay looking Fabulous as always!

Was Missy's Show rigged? Those are the rumors going around. The word on the street is: Jessica flopped big time with that album in 2000 so Missy signed her and made this show to show off her talent and to build a fan base so when she is with Missy's label it will sell.

Has she 'been here before'?

TIVO/VCR Alert: Oprah having cast of "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" on Friday, March 4th 4:00pm basically all over the land and in every foreign country and several other planets, lol

03/04/05 Diary Of A Mad Black Woman (PG)
Dumped! Thrown out! She hits rock-bottom…and then finds the man of her dreams. Love, betrayal, romance: Kimberly Elise, Tyler Perry and Shemar Moore in the movie people are "buzzing" about!

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