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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Sunset Monologue 8

Mr. Boone do you have cows on your farm?

hmmmmm, as I sit here in my PJ bottoms with the little red flowers, sipping Boonesfarm Sangria out a juice glass with crushed ice no less (if you gonna be ghetto be the BEST!)- and it being Saturday nite; I can't fanthom instructing my brain to become analytical - so I'll just be fodderish (is THAT a word?!) and spill random thoughts from a random thought process, helped along by Brother Boone.

An epiphany

GEMINI (May 21-June20) Events in the coming week may be difficult for some of you to deal with. They will include intense encounters with peace,love,joy and understanding, as well as possible brushes with extravagant beauty, lyrical delight and inspiring discoveries. There will be a dearth of storylines that feature betrayal, abuse, pettiness, greed, extortion, disease and explosions. Therefore, Gemini, you should proceed with extreme caution if you're a jaded hipster who's suspicious of feeling really good. Ask yourself: "Am I ready to stop equating cynicism with insight? Do I dare take the risk that exposing myself to uplifting encounters might dull my intelligence?" If you doubt your abilitty to handle all the relaxing breakthroughs, you'd better take strong measures to evade them.

I think that I'll just keep this horoscope all year. Can you believe in addition to being a Gemini - I'm also left handed tsk tsk tsk

Do I know you? or Stop getting in my head!
"We're certainly not trendsetters. We're a poser. We're so diverse ethnicity and country values that I don't see a good medium between them. We only replicate what's going on in Hollywood and New york. We lack originality, museums, public transporation and we don't even recycle. We're not fashion savvy. Nobody wears baby doll dresses or buys Louis vuitton purses like they do in Atlanta. We'rea bout a year behind the rest of the world. - - Kevin in answer to Creative Loafing's question "Is Atlanta a hip U.S. Town?"

Friends - how many of us have them?

Well "Janet" had to make a jaunt this weekend to visit Tito; so we are communicating via Cell phone.

I hung out with another one of my good friends "Regine" the wig illusionist. It was her birthday and so I treated her to lunch. We hadn't seen each other in awhile and it was a nice nice time. I met "Regine" strangely on a jobs interoffice message board, lol She sat basically right up under me and because we both type hella fast (me at 80wpm on a good day) we burned up the Lotus Notes program with our messages. I was just starting addiction to internet dating sites (which I am not in treatment and remission) and she had scored the ultimate a husband - so of course that made a match in heaven, lol "Regine" is good people and can work teh HELL out a wig - look out for her and fellas - you can get that other woman right out of the one you currently got with a well secured wig, lol

I had a pleasant surprise when I answered my Metro PCS(PieCeaShit) - a loud booming voice was screaming my name like we had been picked for the price is right! "Theatrical Flourish" was in town. I am ready for my closeup Mr. Deville. He is an old and dear friend of mine and the family. I met him when I was 15 and he has encouraged and goaded me to write this entire time. He also taught me the art of the party and my memories of riding his back at the best gay parties in Philly are forever etched in my mind. So I hurriedly printed out my Blog and went to see him. We sat on the floor and talked shop and it was a good time. I'm sure he'll be reading and is waiting on me to go ahead and do my thang.

Men can Exhale Too

Well I spoke to "Africa" and I have to say, that sometimes you just have to take the reason God puts someone in your life and feel blessed that He thought enough of you to even do that. I say that because there is a light that now shines on that continent after I went exploring that didn't exist before. I see a whole piece of undeveloped land, suddenly coming alive with workers - building, bridging, welcoming. I feel good that my appearance and my spirit and my being helped this. Life comes from water and all you need is one drop and I provided that for him and now he is seeing life. Hey sometimes it ain't about me.

"Mo Betta" mentioned that we should meet on neutral ground like Cancun earlier this week. We haven't seen each other in three years so I was down with it - and with it being a birthday present to me. Well of course "Mo Betta" didn't answer that email. Being Cheap is just not classy. It would be well worth his while and he knows that he'll be treating one classy broad - so dig under the mattress, take you some little blue pills to calm the intense feeling of anxiety associated with spending money on a female and let's do the damn thing!

"Italy" is going to scout out the Greek Isles and I gave him a map to find his way back home. He was most appreciative and promises that the star will certainly lead him to the promise land.

Feeding My TV Addiction

Black Love - hurts so good!

Sunday, March 6th Oprah will be bringing "Their Eyes Were Watching God" by Zora Neal Hurston to ABC. Starring Halle Berry. It should be pretty good. she is looking FABULOUS with that long hair!

Tonite, Kimberly won on "Wickedly Perfect" and just to see Mitch NOT win, was worth it, lol

Just in time for spring break "Lil Pimp" starring Bernie Mac hits the stores.

Just in time for the Spring/Summer Love Season renowned Author Shahrazad Ali will be on Star and Buc Wild on Tuesday, March 8th and Thursday, March 10th at Power 105.1 in NY (can be heard on Power 99 in Philly, Power 104.1 in Hartford, CT and Power 107 in Augusta, GA) Everytime you go toa black bookstore and pick up a black book - thank that sista!

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