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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Sunset Monologue 13

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Do you ever just take a good look at your neighborhood and how you interact in it? Today was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL Day here in Atlanta and as typical on Saturday, I had things to do. However, due to my sleep deprived state, I was a bit dillusional and just started to really see my 'hood' and it's colors and hues.

I live on jokingly on the 'cusp' of the Hood. I like to be able to run and get me some fish, but uh Raekwon and nem can keep the BBQ's on their street, lol. Having said that, on a beautiful day like today - my people were OUT and ABOUT!

Two Sistas and A Comb

Beauty Parlor time! As is common, Saturday is a jammed pack day at the salon, so you need to carve out several HOURS before you even attempt to go. Like the cookout, the Beauty Salon and Barber Shop are African American Staples and like 'Soul Train' the "Hippest Trip In America", lol I like my salon. It's situated in a mini-mall adjacent to the strip mall. There are two sistas. "Lace" (My hair dresser) works on us professional women, little girls, more conservative types. "Leather" works on the party girl - so it is always a wonderfully colorful mix of people at the salon. I'm a believer that the Barber Shop holds more pertinent conversation because let me tell you the Beauty Shop is a main avenue for several levels of Black female BS. The conversations you hear up in there!

While I sit there under the dryer, I can't hear a thing, so my visual senses kick in and I look out at the street in front of me. Has anyone noticed how many brothas are in wheelchairs in the hood? I see several, some mobile, some using good old fashioned hand control, probably damn glad they have that - going about thier business as only brothas can do; ain't no wheelchair going to stop them. The check cashing spot is alive and well - I can hear in my mind the cash registers opening and closing with Cable, Telephone and paystubs being cashed for that 3% fee. Do for Self Brothas peddle their wares all around - Uh something just ain't right about propping a freezer up in a suv and selling meat out the back, lol and did you just go get those Krispy Kreme out the grocery and telling me they fresh?!

Like em or not - the Weave is here to stay and we have elevated it to such an artform. I love sitting there watching the short haired sista get her some long flowing curls for the party that evening, or a sista with long hair get her a short funky do in less than 2 hours with 'a stocking cap and two bundles'. Sleepy women sitting propped on the chairs from a hard night of partying - cell phone all a glitter with the latest covers and ringing like the best radio station all lend to the ambience.

We laugh loud when someone begins to dog out the women on "America's Next Top Model" and give a sista her props when, after putting on some lipstick, she gets her strut on now that her crown is done.

Several hours and a fresh crown myself - I head on out of there.

Male/Female Epiphanies

Had an understanding and connection with the Bernadette and Wesley Snipes scene in the movie "Waiting to Exhale". It always made me cry and I never knew why. Even in the Book - I would well up and tears would flow. Touch is so important to our very existence and not just sexual. You want someone to touch your cheek, hold you close, rub your back, and even if you have absolutely convinced yourself that you are 'ok' without it - at 4:00am your mind, body and soul relaxes enough to whisper in your own ear 'thank you'. If only........nevermind.


"I had a Lightening Bolt Up My Ass one Time" Thus begins wayyyy to many conversations on the net. At what point do we stop being enamoured with our sexual conquests and begin to deal with the rest of the world and what's going on? I would hope that as adults we have all experienced some wonderful encounters of the intimate kind and that as the blood is running thru us, we never lose our zest for it. It just seems that we've been internetting damn near 20 years and this still is all we got to talk about? We are beginning to sound like fools constantly talkinga bout our vaginas and penis' and all the wonderful tricks they can do; ESPECIALLY if you are over the age of 30 and Good Grief if you are over 35 - it's just SKANK. Don't get me wrong; The dialogue when done tastefully and in moderation is opening doors of communication between Brothas and Sistas, but in particular Sistas are taking it to far and being too loose and believe you me, he might be grinning perversly as you twirl on the webcam for him, but he don't want you for nothing - so try to up YOUR game and HE WILL FOLLOW!
(Getting a Nose Bleed - so I'll step down off the podium)

The Mike Chronicles

I Wanna Be Where You Are


Mike is making it VERY HARD for me to find my special place that I go when it concerns him. The drama that resulted in him showing up to court in his Pajamas,was just comical if you ask me. Here in Atlanta, they walk around in Pajama bottoms; so you can't ever say he isn't being topical, lol Now they are trying to say he is bankrupt and bring his finances into question - what does that have to do with this case? Are they moving on mentally to the Civil Suit. Jay Leno, who must have finally ran out of material now that Johnny is dead, can now start using his own Michael Jokes. Okay - I still won't be watching.

The Sound of Music

Why, since everyone I know is playing it non-stop and it's getting heavy rotation on black radio do we not see Fantasia more? Give me a break! Where are her new videos and what not. American Idol - tsk tsk tsk.

Right now here is what I am bumping NON-STOP:

Get Right - J LO
1 Thing - Amerie
Caught Up - Usher ( my loyalty to Mike makes this uncomfortable for me, lol)
Boulevard of Dreams - Green Day
Free Yourself - Fantasia (this is now a Pam CLASSIC)
She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5
This Love - Maroon 5
Daughters - John Mayer
Since You Been Gone - Kelly Clarkston
My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne

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