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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sunset Monologue 11


User Name, Location, Height, Age, Children, Describe who you are?, Describe what you want?, You have 3 messages, you have 6 flirts, Sign Up Now, Single Woman Seeking Single Man - - -

I woke up in a cold sweat this morning! Blackplanet, Blackvoices, Blackpeoplemeet, Yahoo Personals they are calling me!

Internet Dating sites - I went cold turkey and almost had a relapse, lol I can admit, I was slightly addicted to them. It was just so easy to 'meet' someone. To sit and chatter all day at work with various brothas about various things. I have met some really cool people.

I am the type of sista that probably needs to back into a situation because one of my plus' IS my wit and whatnot and to talk to me is to love me, lol lol So being a conversationalist - I feed off of that contact.

Now the whole dating thing is another story. There is definitely some intrigue to meeting someone you met on-line. That whole, are they who they say they are? Will the great conversation transfer when we are sitting across from one another, that moment when a person becomes three-dimensional instead of a face on a picture. Is all exciting, but can become tedious.

I know I'm not the only one because if I were to go back today the SAME PEOPLE are on there, so rule number one is: NO ONE IS LOOKING FOR SERIOUS! LOL LOL So stop lying, now if it happens cool - but you ain't looking.

I can remember sometimes being out on a date and by the time I get home, he's back on the site checking his mail. The feeling of loggin on and waiting to see just how many people were moved by your looks (cause no matter how witty you are - they are skimming, lol) to say something to you. Ladies if you are ever feeling down, go put up a page - you're 'new meat' and more men will try to hit on you than you ever imagine.

As I spent time on some of these sites, you find out that alot of the problems that women so-call have, men have them too. They are concerned when they don't get hits because of their looks, they are concerned about the aggressiveness of some women, alot of them are appalled at the overt sexuality that some women display. They hate on the pretty brothers and sometimes just sometimes they are attracted to you.

Then you run into people who are on EVERY site - there is something disconcerting about that.

At the beginning of the year, a couple of things happen that let me know it was time to bow out gracefully:

**Someone hacked into my account and sent out fake notes from me - I got disgusted with the notion that NOW I was popular with some people I had contacted earlier who had ignored me,

**I saw the downgrade in morality of a couple of brothas from upstanding (or seemingly) brothas to just straight internet whores,

**I had acted 'unbecoming' of an internet dater and let my heart do some talking when it should have just shut up!

So I got out the game, but now I'm bored, I miss the interaction and what not, but it's such an empty 'high' in the long run - that I want to stay away..I need to stay away...I wonder what a new screen name for me should be? God Grant Me the Serenity.....

Is it just me..

Or is all the hooplah in the black community, The church Bus Trips, The accolades, The "second coming of black film" really just about fawning over an effeminate man in drag? -- personally I prefer RuPaul, lol You Betta WORK!

The Mike Chronicles

Is that a crimping iron Jermaine uses?

So, one of the problems with relying on child testimony is that it's so unpredictable. Seems as if the accusers Brother got eating alive during cross examination and lo and behold He was telling a Fib! It seems that ole Mike's case is shaping up quite nicely. Now my quandary is Mike may very well get off, the trial is looking interesting, but we all KNOW Mike got some issues - so if he does get off - how do you reconcile that Mike probably did something inappropriate but once again just got off? Questions, Question.

Snap! Snap! Snap!


The brown extended as far as the eyes could see. Heavenly chocolate swirling in my consciousness, dripping from chiseled chasm, created by God

The Strength causes you to buckle under it's weight. Rippling like spring sheets on taunt lines blowing in the wind, created by God

The intelligence boggles the mind, twisting it into knots of confusion only to unwind, stretching gracefully like the back of a jaguar, created by God,

The beauty of the image was emblazon across the sky, a rainbow for the world to see; He was created by God...He WAS God.

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