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Monday, March 07, 2005

Sunset Monologue 10

And A Child Shall Lead

Is the word you're looking for....Spinster?

"So Mom, will you never remarry? What is the holdup? I really would like to have a Father? Is it that you can't find anyone to marry you?"

And thus began the reason why parents drink. Mini-Me has been socking it to me lately and this has been a part of the one, two punch.

A quick little prequel. I am a widow, her father was murdered in a home invasion 10 years ago in the lovely state of NJ when she was 6 months old - after 10 years of marriage, so her 'need' for a Father is legitimate and understood and unfortunately not uncommon. As any parent would know, if I could I would give body parts to have her Father back, but he is gone. So we have to deal with what God has bestowed upon us and keep on keeping on.

How do you explain to your child the in's and out's of the whole process? There is no explanation - you can't tell your child "Well I slept with him and the stopped calling" or "He acted like he was interested but then he went with my girlfriend" or "Honey I just went out to Visions looking for you a Father" these are not realistic stories to calm a child, lol We can't go to the Walmart and pick up, toilet paper, a bag of 100 chicken nuggets and oh let me go on aisle three and get me a 6 foot, afrocentric, gainfully employed, sane, Blackman....(maybe I should consider a new career?)

I hemmed and hawed and tap danced around this statement, because I didn't have an age appropriate answer..I date when I date, nothing I can really do about the mindscape of the dating world when it comes to settling down. I can only look her in the eye and say...

"If God deems that we get a Husband and Father then so be it, in the meantime, let's watch American Idol"

Go to Hell

Is it wrong to tell a child that if someone tells her because her beliefs are different that she's going to hell - that she should tell them "Well save me a seat?"

Let a Sista Know if you enjoy the Blog

Yes this is a shameless plug for feedback! I'd like to thank everyone that is reading for whatever reason you're reading. I'm quite enjoying the task of coming up with something topical and stimulating on a daily basis - it's making me look at my surroundings differently.

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Is Yahoo Messenger becoming Extinct?

There was a time when I used to spend HOURS on the Instant Messenger. There were chats, everyone had messages by their names, you had to go thru and clean up your messengers because people were just adding people....Well it's ghost town now. Either because jobs have banned them (due to the open portals for virus') or the thrill is just gone.

I keep mine on anyway, because sometimes people pop in to say hello. I'm sure that half the people I have deleted have not deleted me and it is a pleasant surprise when someone comes out the woodwork.

I wonder what the next great communicator is going to be, because it sho ain't gonna be something tangible like....IN PERSON, lol

My Baby Daddy of the Week

Judge Mathis - May I approach the Bench?

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