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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Sunset Monologue 12

Black Brother Strong Brother There is No one above yah!


Today I had two different people tell me that I might not be keeping it real because I am not 'bashing' brothers; surprisingly they WERE Brothas! I thought about that on the way home and after writing it off as yet another reason why people should get to KNOW me - I decided to give some clarification. I DON'T BASH BLACKMEN That's not my vibe. The playing field is even on nonsense - so to bash him is to bash myself. I talk truthfully and from my heart about trying to deal with my God Given mate. Even though I'm currently QUITE disappointed, there is not without a shadow of a doubt another man for me!

Shit, the essence of you fathered the entire fucking PLANET;

Every other man on this planet wants to be like you;

You've taken me thru every human emotion sometimes in one day;

That same way you make me tremble with rage - you make me tremble with pleasure;

You've died for me;

You've killed for me;

You've stuck with me when I've made you feel so low, you don't even damn know why;

You gave me my baby;

Everything about you intrigues me;

So please believe me, You're the ONLY MAN for me and I always have a smile for you & respect and admiration for all that you do to survive out here in this world.

I respect the people that are all world encompassing and see no race and color - but I can't see and don't want to be with anyone but Y-O-U.

So let's not get it twisted! Ya'll working my LAST NERVE right now, lol but DAYUM! I love ya'll to death (even if you don't know how sometimes to love me back)

So from me to you - I love ya'll Brothers!

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