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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sunset Monologue 18

Mr. Deville WE are ready for our closeup

Are We Really Drama-Free?

It has become part of the everyday venacular ESPECIALLY on Personal Ad sites to proclaim "Drama Free" or "People with Drama need not apply" or "If you got drama move on". Isn't the instance of drama relative and who exactly deems us 'drama free'? If we are deciding ourselves that we are drama free isn't that kinda like saying Low Fat but if you read the back of the box - it's loaded with additional calories?

It's not as if the lady from Poltergist comes into our lives and proclaims "This Person is Drama Free". It might just be that we have gotten the upper hand on our life circumstance, so it's no longer something that stresses us or causes us to have emotional issues behind it. However, to the outsider - you might be up to your eyeballs in drama, lol.

Just because you have mastered how to be broke doesn't mean that a potential mate might not see you being broke as.....DRAMA.

Just because you have finally figured out how to keep your three baby momma's from killing each other doesn't mean that someone coming into that situation doesn't see....DRAMA

Just because you've deduced that living at the Econolodge is a 'smart' move that doesn't mean that someone sitting on your bed as the couch doesn't see that as......DRAMA.

I think a more accurate or realistic proclamation should be "Got It ALL under control" and "If your Life is out of control keep stepping" because your ability to keep your circumstance IN CONTROL is what calms people's nerves. Not the false advertising that you are without drama; because we all have some form of drama in our lives and if you don't - then I might want to find out about your emotional balance, lol

Who You Callin a Bitch

He Stopped - - Your Turn!

Apparently The Source Magazine in their relentless (rollin my eyes) attempt at journalism, is fighting to release new unreleased rhymes from Eminem; where he continues to degrade Black women (the first set of lyrics released found him calling black women bitches etc.) This time he's calling us stupid. Honestly, if that's all he can come up with then I laugh because the BLACKMAN calls me much worse on a day to day basis. I've been and continue to be all kinds of bitches and hoes and I'm only good enough to be brought out in dog collars and have credit cards slid thru the crack of my ass - so I'm not even sure if I WANT YOU defending my honor - because it's hypocritical at it's essence and downright embarrassing at the least. If you would stop giving the entire world permission to disrespect me, then you have every right to get your feathers in a ruffle. I'm also not really interested in the old adage "What we say in the house is cool, but don't let someone in the yard say it and we ready to fight" What we say in the house my brotha is filthy and so if the yard is getting old cars and couches in it - then it matches the decor on the inside.

SO WHAT Eminem at some point in his rap career called me all kinds of names...Surprisingly he no longer does and YOU STILL DO!!!!!!!

Dateless in Atlanta

My Men are like Rice Cakes
Look all filling but in essence are just puffed air, lol I have several Men in my life but no man and there is a difference.

Corporate IT the object of my 9-5 desire is just as oblivious (or so he's acting) to my Pavlov response to his presence as when I first met him. He does however seem to make his way to my space sever days a week. Yes I'm that enchanting, lol. Italy followed his star home, spent some time and is now back off into the sunset. There are no lingering desires and no unsaid things - his expedition of Milan is becoming permanent and life continues to go on and on Africa has of course started to miss 'modern amenities' and lets me know it every chance he gets. New technology is out however and I'm not sure his harddrive can take it and then there's MoBetta like in the movie of his name, I think that he's laid among the albums playing his imaginary trumpet long enough and just might be ready to come in the rain to talk to me. I am more guarded than Fort Knox, my heart in the vault in the back, lol but I am not going to bring old embers into this new fire - we'll see if this time will be sweeter.......

Entertainment Tidbit

A Lil Sumptin Sumptin

Seems as though Maxwell has started, after a what five year absence in which time we have all just dried up and DIED, is starting to do club dates. Is there something on CD about to come out? I can't wait to be locked up until the cops come knocking again.

Don't you hope LiL Kim does no time on her conviction for perjury so she can write some the best raps of her career cussing out LiL Caesar and all those punk friends of hers who sold her out?

Aren't you DAMN GLAD that Mike's Porn collection is for the most part normal?

Don't you wish you could totally turn down the Ying Yang Twins on "Wait till you See my Dick" and just listen to that snippet of the sample from Brittney's "Slave for you"? OH and why do I get the feeling if we saw their dicks we would...laugh?

Wasn't the Soul Train Awards really the Ciara and Usher variety hour? and wasn't Fantasia's performance worth sitting thru that nonsense?

Did anyone see Ruben in the audience this week at AI? Didn't he look like he wanted to be back on the show so he could win for real?

My Baby Daddy of the Week

Glenn Lewis - Chocolate Dream!

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