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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sunset Monologue 24

Qualification Is A Must

Set Up Your Resume' of Your Dating Life!

As I was driving home, I thought about a subject I had on my mind awhile ago. For single people attempting to mate up there are so many preferences, wants, needs, desires - but what are we doing to QUALIFY people and point blank are we QUALIFIED ourselves? What makes us to be viable relationship material and if we aren't, wouldn't it be nice if we could find out without all the personal involvement? So, one of my quirky thought patters was what if everyone came with a resume' of sorts? I mean we now come with a personal page - why not? Explain to me other than you having a huge member and drive a big car etc. what makes you a 'good choice'. The idea formulated in my mind and so I decided to sit down and see what one could possibly look like and of course I'm going to share it with you.

Decatur Where It's Greater
Decatur, GA XXXXX
a cool name@a



Culinary, Parental, Professional, Communication, Familial, Intimacy, Sexual, Hospitality;

Relationship Experience

October 2004 - Present The High Seas
Contractual Agreement As Needed

March-August 2004 Southern Charmer
Reason for Termination: Declining of promotion package (Marriage) led to dismissal.
Responsible for Termination: Joint Resignation

2001-2003 Frequent Flyer Miles
Reason for Termination: Uncharted Weather Cancelled Flight
Responsible for Termination: Still Looking for the Black Box to confirm

1999-2000 Toys for Tots
Reason for Termination: Overloaded Sockets and Infidelity
Responsible for Termination: ME

1998-1999 City Government at it's finest
Reason for Termination: Smoke inhalation caused brain damage
Responsible for Termination: ME

1996-1997 Getting My Feet Wet
Reason for Termination: Relocation with no package offered
Responsible for Termination: HIM

1988-1994 First Comes Marriage
Reason for Termination: Death
Responsible for Termination: Murderers

Additional Interests

Reading, Writing, Entertaining, Internetting, Bowling, Conversing, Concerts, Cooking;

References Supplied Upon Request

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