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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Sunset Monologue 21

Building an ARK in Decatur, GA

Susie Homemaker.....Are You There?

A Badge of Honor...Lost

I woke up this morning to the gentle patter of rain on my window. I love Sunday mornings - it's my God time and I like to just lay there and reflect. I happen to cut the TV on and tuned into The Food Network. As I lay there I got melancholy because there's a part of me that has been unfulfilled for so long; she's scared to come out and that's being.......Susie Homemaker.

Who is Susie you might ask? Well she's a term for a woman who enjoys being a wife, mother, homemaker. She is Beavers Mom, Carol Brady and in some ways Claire Huxtable - the remix. She is usually featured on most sit-coms but rarely in everyday life. She enjoys cooking large meals, doing for her family and making life better for them all the time.

I remember fondly baking cakes on a Sunday for my late husband or getting ready for a dinner party with several of our closes friends. Big backyard BBQ's where I would stand back and watch people devour and enjoy what I have done to the yard and food.

I ENJOYED being a wife and the things that came along with it. I sometimes feel like I was born out of my real time period, lol I want to be a stay at home mom wearing an apron and pearls - with a drink for my husband and meatloaf on the table at six.

I feel thrust into the hustle and bustle of the modern world, where as much as I want to do the above things; it's just not feasible so I putter along in this one with take out and box cakes and eating in front of the TV.

On some level, I have to hide that side of me because it's considered 'corny'. I'm suppose to love working outside the home and being 'independent' and not 'catering' to a man's needs. It's 2005 not 1955 right?

Well as I lay there looking at all those exquisite meals, I'm NOT cooking for my husband and family and all the dinner conversation we're NOT having and all the afterhours 'couple'time I'm NOT having...I wish I were back in 1955, but I'll trudge on here in the present and feel rest assured that there must be something hella fantastic waiting for me in the future.

You Changed My Internet!

Two different sites have rolled out new 'looks'. Blackvoices who was sold to AOL, is finally accepting new members after teasing us for quite some time. The look is sleek and it's pretty easy to move around. It's looking alot like MSN if you ask me, lol I wonder if there is spyware etc. and they are tracking the internet habits of blackfolks (Like they haven't already been. Yahoogroups has also changed it's format. It's the first change since they ditched the club format and went to 'groups'. Unlike that change, however, they gave us NO WARNING! As a viewer I like the new format as a moderator they have changed alot of things that has almost caused me to sign the petition going around, lol LEAVE STUFF ALONE WHY DON'T CHA!

I'd like to give shout out's to..

I want to take a few moments and spread some love to some spots and peeps that have certainly shown a sista some love.

First, I'd like to give a shout to Rod for being out here for me to find and thus start up my own blog. The brotha is fierce and his blog is great. Open your mind and open his blog and check it out. I'd also like to give a shout to SJ-the infamous. It's not common (unfortunately) that sista approach other sistas for friendship and I appreciate the restoration of faith that we can vibe with our own sex on the net and it just be about that vibing.

I'd also like to lead you to a new up and coming dating spot for African Americans. It's brand new, unsullied and awaiting you!

I'd also AGAIN like to thank each and everyone of you, who tune in to read what I have to say. There's still alot of confusion about exactly the purpose and that's what makes it so delicious to write, lol Because there is no purpose! It's just me speaking to whomever will listen and that feels damn good!

Baby Daddy of the Week

I'd love to draw his bath!

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