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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 5


Answer: Watching Paint Dry, Looking at your own pulse; Question:How boring is my life right this second? Good Grief! Talk about having 'downtime'! I can't even front and create some exciting life. I'm definitely in a hibernation state and it's about to run me crazy. Ooooo is that my phone ringing? Nah just the TV, I'm back Hmmm, (twiddling my thumbs) sooo what do I do now? Well I've never tried using the remote with my right hand (I'm left handed) and I've never sat on the left end of the couch. I'm thinking of my mother and if I told her I was........BORED! She would immediately retreat and come back with a whole book of stuff for me TO DO! I have a list somewhere of that stuff, but that's too much like Right - so I won't be doing that. Ahhh that is the phone - someone ELSE with not SHIT to do!! We chat about our situation and then I hang up Dang wasting good nothing time talking to them.

I feel like I've lost my 'mojo' and my 'it' factor that endears me to many is on ice. I know it is up to ME to shake it off and come on out of hiding, but I have absolutely no motivation to do so. Being a creative mind, I need muse's and things to inspire me and I think that's why I've been hibernating. I just haven't found that thing: not a man, a good book, a good tv show or anything. I'm veryyy veryyy sleepy right now - maybe tomorrow my 'mojo' will return....

The Scream Heard Around The Country

Spring is beginning to breakthrough! I see little buds of flowers, people beginning to come out the house and survey their yards and the days are getting slightly longer.....I also know because simultaneously every woman in America walked in front of a mirror and SCREAMMMMMMMED!! Summer is right around the corner and I look a pale, ashy, MESS! OH MY GOD! (yes even African Americas get 'pale' in the winter). There's hair in places that are just not right, my feet has 3 inches of ash and where did I get this belly roll?! So now becomes the panic race - gotta get the weight off, some kinda color and my feet ready for sandles by Memorial Day. It's the ONLY conversation at the lunch table at work and women's magazines are going into overdrive by showing us all the wonderful summer attire we can fit in AFTER we rid ourselves of the winter 10! Walkman's, Dumbbells and athletic shoes......and Trimspa are flying off the shelves!

Starting tonight, I'm getting out there myself. I'm giving myself till my Birthday (June 4th all cards and well wishes can be directed to my email addy, lol) to get my act together! At my age - the dream of cutting back on just what I eat, is just that a dream! I gotta work this old body out. I hate working out, feel like it's damn near Sacrilegious BUT I be damned if I look like a giant yellow bus in the cutie cropped pants this summer! So if you see me huffing and puffing in a neighborhood near you - just wave and come back when I got my summer game face on!

Music and Me and......My Car

Most of Atlanta's residents spend more time in their cars then they do actually at the destination they are trying to reach, so having music is just as important to having say...GAS in the car, lol My entire front seat is devoted to my music and you better not touch it! I carry around at any given time up to 50 CD's and I'm not the only one. Atlanta takes it's car music SERIOUS! I've seen people pass CD's from car to car and I've seen cars be made to dance up and down Columbia and Glenwood - we love us some music! What's funny is trying to figure out what people are listening to. I'm not a dancer, never professed to be, however, I'm freakin J-LO from the waist up. I am JAMMIN and I get looks and hollers etc. and if I were to roll down the window and you discover that I'm listening to.....MILLI VANILLI would you be mad? Did you think Jay-Z was making me bounce...NOT. We don't get me wrong, I like some hip hop, but I have my own taste and for the most part it resides in the early 80's- thru late 90's. I also have 'mood' CD's in the car. If the world is getting on my nerves I put in "Ya'll gon make me loose my mind" and a little Public Enemy always sets the mood! or if I just need some 'healing' I put in my "Gospel for everyone" CD and let it reassure me it's gonna be alright. If I feel like reliving me and MoBetta's Relationship I put in the CD with all the songs I feel chronicle that relationship. I have many others for whatever mood as I'm sure others do as well. Mini-me cringes on the regular at my car musical escapades, but seems to like when I do The Five Heartbeats dialogue when the Four Tops come on, lol So if you see the Elantra Rocking - - just know it probably is totally not what you think.

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