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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Sunset Monologue 20

Comcast FINALLY fixed the internet and cut a Sista Back On!


Water...Water...I Need Water

At some point in everyone's life, especially if you are single - there comes a time where you experience a 'drought' or at minimum 'drought like conditions'. A lot of us don't like to admit that, because it flies in the face of (1) all the lying we do on the net about how much we are scoring and (2) it's just damn pitiful,lol.

Some people never experience 'droughts' (lucky bastards) but for those of us that do - let's explore the phenomenon.

"Drought" status sneaks up on a lot of us gradually. We might have a plane fly over and drop nourishment on us ever 4 weeks or so and we don't realize that we are approaching drought conditions. One day however when the dust settles and we are laying in our beds late at night it dawns on us - - it's been what? 3-4 months since we've had any 'water' and then the psychosis begins, lol Twitching, Mind Wandering, Evil attitudes, Dull Eyes and Skin and Delusions begin to overtake us, especially after 'self nourishment' ends up leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

Now for the "Camels" among us - going without 'water' is something that is just a part of the life cycle and no real energy is given to lack thereof. This set of people are usually the ones who know how to slow their heartrate down to the bare minimum and who wants to mess with them anyway,lol

For the REST of us - it is a SERIOUS ISSUE!! Now like a lot of 'water' deprived individuals; Personally I start to hallucinate. We start to see 'mirages' and the like. As we are crawling along on the desert floor, tongue out, longing for one drop of 'water' - we pass by phonebooks, IM Friend List and other 'trash' that we know not to pick up, but we handle it and smell it and try to remember it when it was fresh and wonder if we could salvage it but then the dilemma: is all 'water' good 'water'?

If you are not at total dehydration; the question is "do I want to drink from the first water source I run into or do I want to keep on till I find a well?" NOTHING IS WORST than jumping into a pool of water to find out it is shallow, lol. When you're just parched - the goal is to find a deep deep well, where you can drink several times, long satisfying gulps, filling yourself up. However, if you are just about to lapse into a coma - water is water and even recycled water is better than nothing - as long as you make it clear that this is just a quick swim and you're not getting a membership to the pool.

One day I hope to hit the jackpot and come upon an oasis, where I can take a dip whenever I want and it's always just the right temperature - - until then however, I'm crawling along the rest of you, hand, knees and heart scorched in search of a 'well' I can partake of..if only till it dries up.

Getting My Exercise On!

As mentioned in a previous entry, I heard the female scream heard around the world "OH HELL SUMMER IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER" I'm here to report that I tossed the remote on the couch and went OUTSIDE and got my walk on.

My block is HUGE and more like a BMX Bike Trail than a flat block. Hills and Valleys. So it's NO JOKE for the inexperienced like myself, lol

I got my 'dog stick' and my daughter got her bike and we headed out. My current goal is twice around said block.

Let me tell you - I thought I was seeing stars, by the time I ended up back at my house on LAP ONE! I am so embarrassed! Good Lord! My daughter was just yacking and yacking and I'm like "I cant' use up any AIR talking to YOU, I'd pass OUT" LOL LOL I could feel the cholesterol breaking off in my veins and my lungs were definitely like WTF?!

I felt good however cause I am trying to do it. I gotta get these 15 pounds OFFFFFFFFFFFF!!

So it's okay if you see me huffin and puffin - just throw cold water on me and make some mooo'ing sounds and I'll be OFFF!

Plicious At The Movies

Ms. Congenitality

Miss Congeniality

Hmmmmm, I"m a bit torn about this movie. I went to see it last nite because my daughter LOVED the first one. I've never really been a fan of Sandra Bullock, but I am of Regina King so I went. It was either that or Mr. Pacifer so I picked at least a 'girl' movie.

First I noticed on a Friday nite - there were only about 20 of us at this movie but then again they had it showing on two screens and maybe us 7:45 people were spill over from a sold out 7:15 showing.

Ok, the story was not so bad - Sandra is her same character from one. Benjamin Bratt dumps her (by phone) in the first say 30 minutes and that affects her deeply. She also due to her notoriety can't really do undercover work so she takes a job as 'the face of the FBI" She's a bit dippy and has that snort, so of course they hire a gay man to spruce her all up. (I'm about sick of the gay sidekick).

In a nutshell - Ms. USA gets kidnapped with the pageant host (played wonderfully by William Shatner (who is quickly turning into a replacement for Leslie Nielson with the humor, lol) and Sandra's character decides to figure out the case and get her friends back.

Harmless enough, some good gags etc. Now here's the difficult part. Regina King as the Angry Black Woman and the 'way' Sandra's character interacted with her. Ok, I'll admit - I'm probably reading wayyyy more into it than I should, but it felt 'funny' watching Sandra basically belittle her and then make 'fun' of the angry black woman persona etc. etc. in a theatre full of whites. There weren't laughs coming from the audience more like 'snickers' and that bothered me.

You could crack Regina's face it was so tight for most of the movie. She was just pissed off to the highest level of pissivity! Dang! Always fighting, and arguing and just MAD!!

I know the character was suppose to be over the top but dang.

I also didn't like some of the 'funny' lines that Sandra got at Regina's expense.

Regina has built herself a strong solid career as the 'side' character and Vh-1's on The Best Week" ever said that this week was HER BEST WEEK EVER, with articles, awards and a new movie out there so I applaud her. I just didn't like the dynamics of this role.

So for the overall movie I give it an B
for the dynamics I give it a C-

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