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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Sunset Monologue 23

Spring is in the Air!

I can smell spring!

Oh Man! The sun was streaming thru my window this morning and I couldn't do anything but wake up with a smile on my face. Now I am awaken not by the grumble of winter, but by a bird sitting outside letting me know spring is in the air! One of the many reasons why I love the South.

On the ride to work today, I just felt more aware. I flirted outrageously with the brotha in the old ass BMW and he almost bumped the car in front of him - a good sign! Lip Gloss application is one sexy thing if done right (wink)(wink. I pulled out my Old School Funk Compilation CD and jammed all the way.

I even accept the rain, it also is refreshing and awakening my yard (yuck). I am already making all kinds of plans for the upcoming months and I tell you I am feeling my mojo getting bubbly ;)

Dateless in Atlanta

Hmmmmm, haven't tapped this subject specifically in awhile...maybe because THERE'S NOTHING TO DAMN TALK ABOUT!!

I have been on a kinda self-imposed 'break' from all men actual, but I've been keeping my mind sharp by hanging on the cesspool known as Blackplanet. I enjoy reading the groups and picture surfing and swatting off the annoying nats, lol

Italy is deep in the move process, Africa is starting to whine at my indifference to the conversation and Mobetta and I are almost at the top of the rollercoaster we ride with one another - maybe I'll stand up this time and fly off, it would be just as painful.

A Number One and a.....Happy Meal Please

Lately I have been approached by brothas in the 29-32 year old age range. I am quite surprised if I'm honest and oh so flattered if I'm brutally honest, lol lol I, like alot of people, have all these 'parameters' set up about dating and recently my age restrictions have been 35-45 - but you know what? I'm going to examine that within myself. There are some together brothas out here and the more I narrow my focus the more I'll miss all those in my peripheral vision.

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