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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Sunset Monologue 30

The Have Nots

I HAVE NOT slow danced in over 8 years! I'm not talking about grinding all in the club all ignorant, but I'm talking about slow dancing, the last time it was in my living room and Anita Baker Sweet Love was on and we cut out the lights and lit candles and just danced.

I HAVE NOT been to a wedding in over 15 years! Everyone I know was already married by the time I met them and no one is getting married in my age bracket these days.

I HAVE NOT resolved my issues with short men. Shallow but plausible in my sphere, this is Georgia - the tall brothas are hard to come by.

I HAVE NOT stopped eating frosted flakes even though I'm 'working on summer fineness' it just shouldn't be made illegal.

I HAVE NOT stopped being afraid of The Amityville Horror - stop remaking that shit!

I HAVE NOT totally decided Mike is Guilty

I HAVE NOT forgiven anyone lately for any level of bullshit

I HAVE NOT slipped up in playing my job game in awhile now

I HAVE NOT understood the lure of the Playstation/Xbox yet

I HAVE NOT made any attempt to get out of debt this year

I HAVE NOT told my mother about my blog

Maybe next I'll do the WILL NOTS

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