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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Sunset Monologue 28

Drifting the Day Away

Playing Hooky

Well as I stood in front of my closet this morning; I looked at all the outfits I wear: Woman, Mother,Daughter,Worker,Chaueffer,Cook, Maid,Teacher,Nurse,Seamstress,Day Care Worker, Friend, and I didn't want to be any of that today. At MINIMUM I wanted to be Woman and Friend - so I played hooky. I went about my morning as if everthing was the same, turned my car around and came right back home.

Sometimes you just wanna be with yourself and not have all those 'outfits' on. Now I'm with myself alot as we know, but there are times when I actually want to be in the company of myself and welcome it. I am a strong believer that if you can't keep yourself company; you're really no good for anyone else. There are people who avoid themselves because the voices in their heads get to loud.

So today I hung out with myself. Drifting along doing chores, running errands and just in my own little world. It felt good in fact, I think I'll Do it tomorrow. I've declared Thursday and Friday "Plicious Spring Break 2005".

For a short moment I felt a bit on the 'guilty bad mother' thing because I haven't really spent any time with Mini-me on this spring break. She has a social life however, lol she had done something fantastic every day this week! Movies, Bowling, Skating, Mall Shopping and tomorrow A day at the mall and going out to eat -so spending the weekend with her in status quo should do just fine. So I'm taking these two days, to just do me.

Plicious Does The Movies


Diary of a Mad Black Woman

"Ooooohh this is THE movie to go see as a black woman" "oooooo I had so many range of emotions" "ooooooooo EVERY black person should go see this movie" "Ahhhhh the second coming of black theatre I tell yah" "Man the critics don't know anything, just dissing a black film"

All comments I heard about the movie. It hit the theatre's with a bang! Sold out Everywhere! I was like dangggggggg. I'll wait till the dust settles. Well today I went to see it with "Janet". We chose it over Beauty Shop.

The second coming of black cinema I think not, but it was entertaining. I actually, and I saw the play, thought it was a good effort for a first time film maker but to me it seemed like a bunch of 'good ideas' that had already been done.

Both me and my girlfriend didn't see what the big deal was and all the 'emotion' attached to the movie. Several time when the What a woman should do speeches started we both rolled our eyes.

I mean we counted how many other movies we saw:

Color Purple
An Officer and A Gentleman
Waiting to Exhale
The Klumps

and a few others.

I found it hard to believe that this sista was sooo steady on her feet after what had just happened to her. I mean Bernadettte in Waiting to Exhale - could not function and this sista, especially seeing that she had no career or anything like that - was a bit too 'unemotional' if you ask me.

We were hollaring at Orlando and the matching headband thing, lol lol There were other funny parts that maybe were not suppose to be funny. As when Orlando went to the jazz club after working 12 hours at a steel mill in his work clothes! As they were dancing she said "ummmm he smells good" We fell out!

I don't know - I actually had gotten hyped because of all the arguing and Amening and everything, where I was like - hmmm let me stop being a cynic and go see the damn thing and quite frankly, I was disappointed.

I give it a C-

Sorry I wasn't blown over - we both said we should have seen Beautyshop.

Dateless in Atlanta

I was thinking about 'dating' in general and the first date. It's such a complex thing, lol. IF I decide to accept a date, I begin planning from the moment I say "sure that would be great" Personally, I enjoy first time Lunch Dates because I don't have to spend babysitting money (Brothas understand you all spend money and I appreciate it, but I spend $30-$35 before I even GET to the date on childcare, so cut a sista some SLACK!). Lunch is a great time to have a timed date as well, you can get a 'hint' of a person and see if a fire is sparked, this works especially well if it's an "off the net" meeting. There's a 'rumor' that women know what they want you for in the first five minutes, well we are SURE by the time the lunch date is over, lol and you will get your answer during the next phone call IF there is a phone call.

I like to keep the dates light and lively. First Impressions do STILL count and so I like to really make sure that I'm in the right frame of mind and that my heart is pure about the date, if I'm dragging or anything - I'd rather cancel because then I'm not in it. If I'm entertaining conversation from a man - I can't help but get excited about all the possibilities. I have learned thru trial and error, how to look honestly at that situation and still keep my wide eyed wonder - because that's me and why must I change because the world has become so funky?

If this is an off-line meeting, there are a whole nother set of what if's: what if he's a dork in person? what if that picture was from 93? what if we mesh well on the phone but suck in perso? what if upon further investigation he's not my type but I'm still his?, what if...what if...WHAT IF? Why don't I just go on one and see....

Plicious Book Nook Corner

April 26, 2005

I am trying to get back into reading. Having been a voracious reader all of my life, I remember a time when black themed books were few and far between and I would wish for all of our stories to be told. Well lo and behold it's 2005 and there are more books than you can count, more authors than you'll ever know and the market is FLOODED and I'm overwelmed. So I just stopped reading, but I feel a need inside to go back to that place where a good book, sometype of drink and my mind would carry me away.

I have kept up with one Author and one genre of writing that is my VERY FAVORITE! That's Beverly Jenkins and her Historical Romance Novels. Talk about H-O-T! My Bosom is heaving just thinking about them! Who would have thought a man fresh out of slavery or one who rode with Nat Turner could be so damn sexy!! You have not lived till you have experienced this sistas writing. I own all of her books and actually since alot of them are out of print they are 'worth' something. I keep them in a glass case and the spines are fresh as the day I bought them. Here are the Titles in her collection (now she has written some short stories in compilation books but these are her full length novels):

Historical Romances

Vivid, Topaz, Always and Forever, Before The Dawn, Through The Storm, A Chance At Love, Indigo, The Taming of Jessie Rose, Night Song

Her Young Adult Books (Historical Young Love)

Belle and the Beau, Josephine and the Soldier

Her Contemporary Novels (Modern Intrigue)

The Edge of Dawn, The Edge of Midnight

Her New Book, "Something Like Love", will be out April 26th. I will be there DAY ONE! Let me get ready to step outside cause it gets quite steamy up in here!

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