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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Sunset Monologue 31

Well There Goes My W.I.C.

Sour Milk

How a story can change direction! Milkman was trying to stand strong to his newest route acquisition, letting me know that I would be getting VERY FRESH milk on the regular if only I would let him in. I was still contemplating this offer, because I kept feeling like something was off. I even spoke to Mobetta about this (yes I speak to him about just about anything, we cool like that). So imagine my surprise as I'm sitting at my place of work Yesterday after a previous day of hanging with Milkman when my phone rings and a female voice announces that she's Milkman's MAIN customer and he's been out trying to acquire new routes without her knowledge! I didn't know what to say, so I just remained calm as she wanted to know a few things about his new route. I answered her questions because there was no drama - it was her route'; I had nothing invested and there were so many more possibilities available for me, that losing a milk route had not sent me trippin. She asked if he had 'spilled any milk and I reassured her he hadn't!!

Now I haven't been one to experience this (only once before) so I handled it the way I always handle any situation like this. I'm not the enemy and she's not mine - I don't have a bad milkman.....she does! and I directed her to herself, her scripture and HER MAN! Why fight and bring the drama to your doorstep. That was easy as 1,2,3, lol

I haven't heard from Milkman, which tells me that there was some validity to what she proclaimed, because by now I would have the 'baby let me explain' speech and offers of chocolate milk, cream and juice as a consolation prize. Then again, maybe it's hard for him to drive with a foot up his ass!

Surprisingly, I'm not even offended or upset about the change of events. I learned a couple of things, just on the fly, like I usually do:

1. My Karma remains intact, by the way I handled myself.

2. I need to always respect my own intuition about things.

3. Just an interlude in the life of being.......Dateless in Atlanta

It feels good to have the sun on your head!

Living My Life Like It's Golden

When I turned 38, I chopped off all of my hair. There was no specific reason, the Gemini in me just had a talk with myself (lol) and we decided to just flip the script. Well ole Gemini reared it's head again and we decided to rock some sunshine for the summer of 2005. So six hours, two colors and some itching ass eyebrows - I am rocking the golden blonde! Oooo weeeee! I feel good! All of a sudden I am vibrant! America's Next Top Model betta watch out! Check out my profile picture to see my new look.

I Can't Stand This Living All Alone

Hmmm, it's MIGHTY QUIET in here

I have been humming the late, great Phyllis Hyman's song lately because sometimes this living alone is for the pits. Sure I've got mini-me, but it's almost 11pm and she isn't up and besides, we do our own thing in this house, lol So ultimately I live alone in terms of not having any adult counterpart here.

No it's not even about the man thang - it's just about the pittering and pattering and conversations with self and limited adult interaction. I sometimes question whether I really am a loner and I think I'm a combination of introverted and extroverted. I feed off people, but I don't really like them all that much, lol

I just know lately, I've been tired of living alone.

A Promise for the Summer

I am publicly announcing that when the Television reruns begin, I am going to embark on some other activities that I have either been avoiding, slacking on, or putting off. I realized that television has not become my daughters babysitter but mine! The hours I spend in front of the boob tube actually lead me to slight depression states and are just not becoming someone as creative as myself. Three things I am taking up this summer (1) reading again (2) writing again and (3) paint by numbers. I was at the local hobby/craft store and they have some great ones. I think it would be relaxing and focusing.

Why is the blogger reviled?

Ok, I know I came in on the tail end of this, and I'm not even sure anyone is READING my blog - however, I wonder why it is treated with no respect. For as long as I can remember, the ability to express one's self, no matter how sublime has always been attractive to me. I have been keeping a journal since I was 12 and I have them all so blogging was a natural progression especially seeing how much time I spend on the net. I read all the time about how 'useless' blogging is and alot of people just don't understand the concept, yet they will type six paragraphs in a discussion group, lol lol The need for someone to acknowledge your existence on this planet is great; for some greater than others, but there is a need.

So even if one person reads my blog and finds it boring, I'm out here and to quote Celie "I'm here GOD"

Baby Daddy of the Week

Again thanking

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