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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 5

I hope that was the best High You EVER Had

Your home, your domain, your castle, where you let it all hang out. When that santity is broken, the violation you feel, no matter how small the infraction is huge. Well my domain was sullied when I came out of my home on Monday to get into my car and mini-me and I sat looking at the gaping hole where my radio used to be. DAYUM! DAYUM! DAYUM! Somebody has snuck me for my Radio!!

I sat there for a minute gathering my wits about it and then had several emotions - the nervous laugh, the rememberance that I didn't lock all the doors, the anger that they took my shit, the bewilderment that people still jack radios (it's so passe' in my book) and the realization that someone was up in my carport that previous early morning or so, sitting in my ride, taking my radio!! Clean smooth job too - left the screws in the cup holder! Wasn't nothing I could do so I took mini-me on to school and then came home to 'secure the perimeter'. I called Dekalb Cty and they informed me they 'don't come out for that crime anymore. Someone will call you to take a police report over the phone'. So I fuddled around the house making sure all my windows and doors and other things were secure.

THEN IT DAWNED ON ME! and the rage set disk 3 of my Michael Jackson Ultimate Box Set was in the CD player and now lost to me forever!!!!!!!!! It had my best cut - the demo for "Shake Your Body Down To the Ground" on it!!

I hope they smoked the HELL out of my Radio! I really do!!!

Can Santa Come to the Ghetto Early?

Maybe he can avoid traffic, lol. Bump Xmas in July - I have been thinking about my list NOW! I looked up and I want soo many things but here's the abbreviated list

1. New Sound system for the car (!!)
2. DVD Player for my Bedroom
3. New Stereo for the Living Room
4. Scanner for my computer
5. Lawn mower or Lawn Service
6. Bench for my porch
7. Seven underwear sets
8. New Comforter Set for my Room
9. Summer Coach Bag
10. Beyond Paradise Perfume Set

The Three Month Rule

As you know I am a fan of "Girlfriends" on UPN with Joan, Mya, Toni and Lynn. I got to thinking about something Joan has in effect...The Three Month Rule. Joan will not have sex with a man until 3 months, 90 days, 2,160 hours, lol lol

My question is - is the rule even relevant between todays man and woman? ( and please note I speak on relationships and men and women as the OVER 35 set - I have no idea with the under 30 set is doing). If you told a Brotha up front "I'm not getting physical for 3 months" WHY are you saying that? Is it to get to 'know' the person or are you controlling a situation that ultimately you really have no control over. Game is Game and I've seen some pro's wait it out and still hit it and quit it.

To me sleeping with someone and knowing them are two different things, lol. So it's more about me 'deciding' I really like you like that. That I wouldn't mind sitting in my PJ's having breakfast with you or I wouldn't mind if you used the soap I told you NOT to use in the bathroom.

I have met people I have no interest in 'knowing' and then I've met people where I would like to 'know' a person a little bit. I'd like to see if when we are together there is chemistry. I'd like the lust to die down and the desire to mount and with that I need to be intrigued.

I don't have a 'rule' about it but I do have barometers - kinda check points if you have it.

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