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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 8

Chillin in the cut edition

Getting my Relax ON!

Scalloped, Mashed,'s still Couch Potato

What is it about Sundays that just make you want to shut down? From the time I wake up to the time I go to bed on Sundays it's all about relaxation. Even if I am out the house - it needs to be non-taxing.

Currently it's mid-afternoon and I am puttering around the house in my PJ's just enjoying my own vibe. I have only one subject on my mind for the blog and it's a doosey so let me give some commentary on.......

That Big Lottery...On Line Dating Sites, lol

Jockeying for Position

If you are on the net - at some point you've at MINIMUM perused the Online Personals Sites. It's like a right of passage - especially if you are single (and this depends on what your definition of single is, lol). I'm an old pro at the medium and I come and go based on how I feel. I haven't been on any sites in almost six months, it just got tiring and I've spoken about it on my page at some point and time...well my guard is down and I joined a site Monday (I know, I know - don't fuss at me, we all slip back into old habits sometimes). So now it's Sunday and I guess it's going alright. I'm not overly impressed.

I usually come in and scope the lay of the land. Then since I usually PAY at least one month - I intend to get my monies worth, I go thru and talk to EVERY Brotha who has caught my visual fancy. I always find it odd that anyone would come on a dating site and decide there are 'unapproachables' - who are you? So what you think you fine and fit and the list goes on with the superlatives dating sites give you - guess what? I think that too and just like you might think you're a good catch, well I think so to - so why wouldn't I write you?

I look for certain things as I'm looking around. I want to 'see' your arrogrance and your personality. Dull pictures with dull faces don't cut it. Look like you don't have issues and baggage etc, even if you do, we all do. I do look at religion because if you have floating crosses and other indicators that you are very much into your religion and it's not my religion, then why go there? I see the fork in the road already, lol. I look to see if you've written ANYTHING! To come on a page and don't have anything; no picture, no words is like HUH?! I look to see if you're my 'type' now I might not be your type but this is me looking - you look second, lol It's a crap shoot but out of 10 guys I write two or three might answer.

I'm not forward, you won't be receiving any message from me that drips with sexuality and what not. You might recieve something lightly flirtatious, which I usually send to Brothas out of town,lol I just gotta let them know "The Blackman is alive and well on this planet" LOL LOL. If you don't have a shirt on or something, I am going to ask you why? If you have an entire diatribe about what you are NOT looking for etc. I want you to expound. That's just how I am. I want to TALK! Establish a 'connection' sometimes I'm not interested in you in that way - I still want to TALK because you said something interesting etc.

I treat it like a bar or a party and I want to mingle. I am usually disappointed if we share some good convo and then you stop talking to me. I like to keep in touch with people who I've had good conversation with. Alot of people are just professional dating sites participants. The sheer thought they would have to actually meet a person and interact with a person scares them shitless. I have had great conversation with people and given my number and they back away - which is a clear sign that if we were to go out - before I got home they would be home back on the site.

Dating on line has got to be as fustrating as trying to win the lottery. You play your 'numbers' and hope that you win. You get 2 sometimes, sometimes 3 but the payout doesn't even exist till you hit 4 or over. You never play it straight because life is adjustable so you always make sure any combination of your numbers can win. Sometimes you even ditch your 'usual' numbers and try something new, something hot, something current. You see all those numbers turning and turning in that big clear bin, and look longingly wondering "Is it my turn to win?" It's all a gamble and take solace in the fact that your odds are probably better WINNING THE LOTTERY! Don't take the online thing too seriously, remain true to yourself and let THAT be what shines thru. There are so many pennies these days the dimes are lost in all that copper. Don't allow the pennies to thru you off, just continue to use thier reside to make yourself shine! You'll be seen...You'll be seen.

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