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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Sunset Monologue 36

The Mini-Me Edition


I thought it fitting that the evening before Mother's Day, I devote the entry to Mini-Me. She is the reason, obviously, that I am a Mother and her entry into this world - changed a whole lot for me. I've had her on my own for 10 1/2 years now and we have a special relationship. We are two different personalities and live like roommates more than mother/daughter - but there is that line and that chain of command that is always in place. She is a cool person and at 11 is trying to carve out her own identity. I hope and pray that I'm setting a good example. I sometimes wonder how she really feels about her Father being deceased and whether or not later on in life that's going to have an impact on her as well as my lack of securing her another Father. We'll just have to see. I know one thing though, I love that little girl with everything in my being and I look forward to seeing her blossom into the woman I hope God blesses her to be.

Tween Shopping

Shopping with Mini-Me

Today I decided like alot of moms, to totally forfeit getting myself something nice in recognition of Mothers Day, to go summer shopping with Mini-Me. I had promised her last year that we would get things from a 'name brand' store in addition to the Thrift Store. Peer/Media pressure were kicking in and I knew how that felt. Back when I was 11, we went to Zayre's (Atlanta folks know bout this) and we got TWO OUTFITS and sneakers with the string holding them together, lol So I was getting ready to go down a long list of places we weren't going when she says "Mom I wanna go to JC Penny, everyone shops there" well of course I gave her the duh duh face. When did THEY become hip?!

So we get all cutied up in our denim skirts and sandal's, we both wanted to get some sun and we set off to the mall. Now in previous entries, I've spoken about my dislike of the mall, but this was for mini-me so I went.

2 1/2 hours later....I am TIRED of walking around one section of a store to find things for her to wear that are tasteful and within my budget. She's been back and forth to the dressing room several times and had two meltdowns over my refusal to let her wear the 'slinkier' outfits.

She's at that age where they need everything all the time. Nothing she had last year fits! We finally decide on a couple of things and I almost pass out as the cashier rings it all up.

I'm about to go to the car to put the bag in before we walk the mall and she is like "no mom, carrying the bag around shows you got something" so I handed it straight to her and we enter the main mall.

We walk from one end to the other when suddenly she turns into a 'Stepford Kid' and makes a beeline for Claire's - the crack for the tween generation. It is teeming with other little girls as earrings, rings, bracelets and other dollar store knick knacks shined up and over prices call their names. My daughter grabs the basket being held out to her and takes off. I try to stand in the doorway, but the steady stream of 11-15 year olds almost knocks me over, so I hover in the corner, wondering why the ring hand I saw at the dollar store is now $6.99. Mini-me gets a locket, a ring and a glittering initial necklace and goes to the register when she sees something else and grabs it a mother/daughter bracelet set. She says 'we can wear these tomorrow for Mothers Day" and tosses it in the basket. They ring up her order and she pays without my help and we are once again on our way. I made it out of Claire's alive. YES LORD!!

Next Stop, Shoe store. I know this is going to be a fight (and so far we hadn't had any) because she wears an adult size, so heels are calling her. I'm trying to get sandles and sneakers and come on out of there. She went in and kicked off her flip flops and made a beeline for a three inch heel. She put them on and began teetering gingerly towards me with a triumphant grin on her face "Mom these are cheetah print" I look at her little ankles and calf muscles clenched to keep from tipping over and just say "no" she begins to pout and goes and puts on an equally high pair of mules. We go back and forth thru 6 pairs and then I present her with what we are leaving the store with. She is swole by now and tries them on and whispers 'they fit'. I gather them up and move to the counter. A Pro at work!

It is now 6:00pm we've been out for about 5 hours! (see why I don't like mall shopping!) I look at the bags and Mini-Me delirious with happiness and even though I didn't get anything and I was tired as hell of the mall - I was glad I went.

Mini-Me's Heart A Flutter

We're walking in the grocery store doing a bit of shopping. I turn the corner and this VERY attractive Brother comes around the aisle. I look him dead in the eye and we smile and go about our way. I'm shopping and looking for the koolaid when we meet again and he says "all that sunshine outside and you're looking mean" I laugh and assure him that I wasn't mean, just trying to find the Koolaid. He says "good cause you too cute to be walking around all mean" I giggle and go about my way then I hear some more giggling and Mini-Me is looking at me "Mom did he flirt with you?" I told her yes and then much to my surprise "I wouldn't mind having him as my daddy" then she falls into a fit of giggles, red as a beet and does not gather her composure for about three aisles then goes "I hope we run into him again" I couldn't help but laugh, she was developing taste and what a taste she was developing, lol lol

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