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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Sunset Monologue 35

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

A Drank for the 5th of May

It is the 5th of May, commonly known by it's spanish translation of Cinco De Mayo! Now I'm not necessarily sure about the complete history of the day, but being the descendant of a former slave, I'm sure it ain't about no freeing of the Mexicans - so a drink is IN ORDER, to dull that pain!

I whipped up that little ditty above with some Pina Colada mix, strawberries, a bit of apple juice and water and a whole lotta Absolut. I got out my Hard Rock glass and had me a drink and some....chicken nuggets from the wing daddy. Not the best diet, but it works. Now I'm tipsy so who knows what I'll be talking about on this 5th of May, lol

Chatty Cathy aka Mini Me

Mini-Me is like a wind up doll, lol

Ah to be ll again. I can't remember alot of it, but I do know if I go back and read my diary (I still have it) that I was really a kid. I didn't have most of the stuff that is on the minds of todays 11 year olds on my mind. I was still very much into my Barbies and the torture my brothers gave me and I was in no way (whispering) developing. Well everyday now I am dealing with this creature known as Mini-Me but now known as Chatty Cathy, a very popular doll back in the day who could TALK. Mini-me is yapping away at a speed my old hears can't comprehend. From the time she gets in the car until I just exclaim "QUIET, please stop talking" - she is at it! Alot of it, well most of it (THANK GOD) is conversation I remember from that age and things I see coming from 'age appropriate' kids. Do I fit in? So and So doesn't like me, I need a bikini (NO) and things like that. It all starts to blend in together but I want to keep the lines of communcation open, because we all know what happens when we don't. She'll follow me around, just a yakking and since she comes from several generations of talkers, there's nothing I can do about that. I love me some mini-me to death, but I need some earplugs NOW!

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