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Monday, May 02, 2005

Sunset Monologue 33

I can see clearly now - the grass is gone!

He found two garden snakes! Yikes!

Can you believe it!! I came home today and almost drove past the house! I am so glad it's cut - I had to show the world!!!

Baby Fever

Who can resist?

A good friend of mine, who was is on maternity leave brought the baby up to the job today. Man you could feel the estrogen in that office as we all gathered around to look at the new life. She was just so precious! I looked at that tiny bit of life and reflected back on mini-me and the fact that for the most part my baby making days were over. I biologically can have another baby, but emotionally hmmmmm. I never rule it out because I haven't put a permanent end to the possibility so anything can happen, but I'd prefer that it didn't.

At that moment however, I wanted to have that little life looking to me, counting on me, needing me. Black babies especially are a site to feast upon. Just beautiful.

Alot of my no more babies stems from (1) Mini-me would PASS OUT! she claims she wants siblings, but she don't even know at her age (11) that would not be her favorite thing, lol and (2) pure selfishness. I've raised a child alone since she was six months old. If I were to obtain a permanent man, I'm not sharing him with no leeching baby!! He's MINE DAMMIT!!and I wanna roll with him. Besides he probably got some kids and add them to my child and walah WE GOT KIDS!!

So it was nice looking and cooing and smelling that fresh scent of new life, but uh...I felt my fallopian tubes sizzling as they BURNED SHUT!

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