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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sunset Monologue 32

You Crossed My Mind

The Comfort of a Man

I was sitting on the couch and Jill Scott's Video "Crossed My Mind" came on. As I sat there listening to her soothing voice (God she is just so feminine!) a sense of melancholy washed over me. I closed my eyes to fight the feeling. This Sunday nite it would have been nice to curl up on the sofa with 'him'. He would have thanked me for the great meal and after I cleaned the kitchen, invited me to sit with him to watch a movie, a game...whateva whateva. He would be laid back, his drink on the table. I would have my feet curled up behind his back. He's ask me to scratch his back and I would lift his white T-shirt up and run my nails lightly across it - his muscles reacting against his will to the relief of the scratch. I can smell his cologne which has faded over the day. I snuggle up under him; safe, secure, loved Jill he has crossed my mind.....tooo....Wherever 'He' is.

Call Me

Call Me if you need someone to talk to

Ever look at your phone and wonder why it's not ringing. It became painfully evident when I was out 'Janets' house this weekend. I call to check my messages and the electronic voice goes "you have 8 messages" Boy I almost fell over. I'm like Ok, I haven't given my number out - so this is interesting. If it were an emergency, I'm sure someone would have called me on my cell phone. So I punch in my code and IT IS 8 MESSAGES FOR MINI-ME!! Little girl voices full of D-R-A-M-A begging for a call back cause girl A said she no longer liked girl B and girl C needs to hear it from Girl A, lol lol I sat there listening to this and it dawned on me, I would be soon giving up the reigns and the phone to Mini-Me.

I so enjoy a well placed call from a brotha, lol Right before I'm going to sleep, early in the morning when he knows I'm trying to get dressed for work. 3:00 in the afternoon cause he knows I'm almost at my 'keebler' limit. Giggling in the dark before I drift off to sleep, plans and promises of when we see each other.

I sometimes roll thru my rolodex and think, "hey I should call some brothas I haven't spoken to in awhile, but if I"m not already in touch with you via email or instant message, I HATE reintroducing myself (because I rarely forget someone I've spoken to) so I don't call. I like to be pursued. If I've made my interest known, I'm not going to keep up the interest, it should be 50/50. I drifted off into that always calling, always being the one initiating conversation - uh thats not a cool place to be.

Personal Ad Comedy

Baby Daddy of the Week

Been Watching "The Best Man"

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