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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sunset Monologue 43


I have a crook in my neck, glitter keeps getting in my eye and my middle toe on my right foot is killing me..what does this all mean? I HAD A GOOD ASS TIME!! Let me give a royal shoutout to everyone that came to help me celebrate my birthday!! The Booker T. Washington Class of 1984 - NEVER lets a sista down!! I am proud to have been a member of such an illustrious class and glad that I know I gots me some friends! LOL LOL! Special Thanks to "Muscle Shirt" Brotha for the Strawberry Dacquiri Cake. Yep! That's what I said, Bro has developed him a company that basically sells alcohol filled cakes, lol lol He should be rich by December!

Getting Our Party On!

We all gathered at BellBottoms - the spot if you are into 70-90's music! I walked in ready to get my Groove ON!! I felt exceptionally cute last evening - borderline fine (you all know I use that word as descriptive for self sparingly; fine is fleeting - one baby can ruin that - but cuteness ages quite well!) Anyhoo, I saw my peeps immediately and we hit the floor. I love this place, because it really is about the dance. People be getting down!! Music today has nothing on what we used to listen to, lol Even as we sat around talking to and about other people; you couldn't help but nod your head and I have NEVER left there with a 'boom boom boom' headache, which can certainly come fast and furious at your traditional clubs.

One of my favorite things is to dance in one of the cages alongside the DJ booth which is elevated above the dance floor. Michael Jackson came on as soon as "Janet" walked thru the door. I met her half way and we got on the dance floor than sashayed up to the cages and proceeded to get our "Vanity" and "Appollonia" on. We got rave reviews from several brothas over at the bar :)

Young, Cute, Drunk and Oh So Blonde! Get over it!

I crawled into my bed at about 2:40am - - totally satisfed with how June 4, 2005 went. I didn't even mind that once again, I had no date for my own damn birthday!

Dateless in Atlanta - Bellbottoms Edition

I'm convinced there is something in the water that stunts the growth of Atlanta men. I am 5'2 and I shouldn't have to look DOWN at no man, even in the 3 inch heels I was rocking!! Lord have mercy! There were four Brothas about six feet (see I was counting) and they all obviously were from either New York, Detroit, Chicago or something like that. There was this one Brothas - ummmm, he was tall, chocolate and had on white linen...YUMMY!! I really wasn't in the 'looking' posture so you had to be coming strong to catch my eye. I never go to bellbottoms looking to dance with someone. I dance with my girls or alone. I also noticed that like in alot of situations nowadays; there's one brotha taking out and tending to four or more sistas. You see that alot, due to the 'shortage' of sistas having men (because I am going to stop saying there is a shortage of actual men, we just don't have them) there are situations abound where a man will be that male figure w/a bevy of beauties.

Now on the flip side; this evening while I was having my last birthday treat - Applebee's Honey Grilled Salmon (Lord have mercy)- all I saw were couples. Couples, couples everywhere!!! Summertime Summerlove - - BAH FUCKING HUMBUG!!!

A Whisper with God
Thank you oh Lord for giving me this one solid. I promise not to act so recklessly in the very near future and to work towards taking the protection off my heart and leaving it ON everywhere else!

Please grant me the serenity over this next year of life to Live, Love and Grow and to keep up the happy spirit and to become a better and more wise consumer and to always stay one step ahead of the fire.


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