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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sunset Monologue 40

Make It Hot Tonite

What a show!

Last nite was the concert! Me and five of my girls ( all the men we know abandoned us at the notion of New Edition so it was girls nite out) met at my house. The concert was at Chastain Ampitheatre and we had 'lawn' seats so a picnic was in order.

We had curry chicken salad, salmon salad, pineapples/watermelon/strawberries, chips, chicken wings, four bottles of Arbor Mist, 1 Bottle of Canai Sangria (there was no hard liquor alllowed) HOWEVER, and here's a hint for the rest of you Dasani water bottles with a little patience are easy to get the top off and NOT crack the seal. We keep them on hand once we've gotten the top off to smuggle clear liquor like vodka - so we had a couple of the larger bottles 22oz I think of those with vodka in them.

We had a GREAT spot on the lawn and we laid out our tarps etc. (it had rained like hell the day before) and we put the blankets down and lined up our candles. Chastiain is nice - it's a great date place as well - if a man is just close to getting the drawers a nite at chastain unless he totally messes it up - can possibly guarantee him some,lol

So anyway - Gerald was first. He gave a good set but it was too damn long - he ran out of his limited catalogue and began singing other peoples shit. We were in the process of eating and getting tipsy so he was nice accompanyment. His brother Sean was there so we got some old stuff as well. Gerald of course rolled across the length of the stage a couple of times and threw out plenty of teddy bears to the crowd.

Intermission and then the radio station who was hosting it came out and asked were we ready for New Edition and the screams were deafening! Then they said the magic words we were hoping for living in Atlanta: THEY BROUGHT A SPECIAL GUEST!! The crowd went B-E-S-E-R-K!!!!!!!!!!!

So all of a sudden their set started and it was JAMMING the crowd was hysterical and we were wondering really why they wern't headlining. They sang like three songs and then the sixth mike stand appeared and by then we had almost passed the hell out, lol lol Cause you know what was next - the strains of "Mr. Telephone Man" started and all I got is TWO WORDS: Bobby Brown!

It was pandemonium in that place as he came out in classic Eddie Kane Style - he only had on the jackets they were wearing, a baseball cap and jeans, lol lol Now you know NE was clean as the board of health! He was all over the place and didn't know the steps and sounded a hot mess but it didn't matter - damn I love Atlanta! Then he took his baseball cap off and he looked like a damn mad man!!!

So he left the stage and they carried on and it was just a good performance. It was dark by then so the candles all around flickering and what not and the gentle waif of incence and ganja in the air it was a nice ass nite!!

Then towards the end Bobby reappears and begins singing Poison with BBD and just like that the set was over five men left the stage and one stayed behind. Bobby pranced back and forth across the length of the stage as the crowd screamed BOBBY BOBBY BOBBY BOBBY! they wouldn't give him a working mike, lol lol then he ran up on a platform and got one and his last words to us:

"if they were to give me some mike time I'd tear this bitch up" and he handed the mike to the handlers who were after his ass and left the stage!

Brian came out and I ain't gonna lie - he was boring as hell! After getting all hyped with NE, Brians show was just too slow. He talked wayyyy to much, did way too much new material noone knew and half the audience was walking out. It was not pretty. I dont' think he can headline in that large a capacity. We stayed the whole set because frankly like it or not that was rude as hell. It's Brians Tour which I didn't know because when you look at the ticket stub it says Gerald Levert NEW EDITION (in all caps like that) Brian McKnight so he's pulling purposely the NE crowd.

He does alot of acoustic guitar stuff and way too much talking. Now don't get me wrong he sounded flawless! Of course the brotha can sing, but you can't leave people wanting and begging for more NE especially when they seem like they have an abbreviated set (or maybe they cut it short cause of bobby I don't know) and then go into that. He, to me, should have opened up. That way as you were drinking, lounging talking etc. It would have been a nice accompaniment.

There were grown men in the audience doing all the NE video's it was DEFINATELY an NE Crowd, lol lol

I hope that some of you all get a chance to see the Gemin Tour when it comes to your town!

Protecting the Cub

Mothers take special sometimes overzealous interest in thier children. You would kill or attempt to just about anyone who is messing with your kids - but what if that person is family? 'big momma bear' has three 'cubs' I'm the oldest and the youngest is seven years my jr. and lives here. She is a wild cub and it goes so against my lifestyle that we need to stay far apart. However, guilt of being the oldest both self inflicted as well as implied hovers above my head. Seeing as I am one of one two family members down here - I want my daughter to have some 'family' interaction and so I try to deal with 'baby bear' as much as I can. So against my better judgement I let 'mini-me' go with 'baby bear' for an overnite visit. Now 'baby bear' lives in the wilds of America without any stable place to lay her head and is making no effort to secure said place. She is beyond working and prefers to find animals of the male species to assist in her lifestyle. I don't understand it and try to just stay out of it because the level of drama is so foreign in my life.

Well 'mini-me' comes home today and blurts out tales of speeding off from the gas station in someone else's car, of having to spend her graduation money to get them a room at a seedy Motel 6 and when I go pick up 'mini-me' from some location on the other side of the world, I can't sit down because of the CRACK PIPE on the couch (baby bear does not do crack). I am angry and appalled and I'm tired of trying to deal with someone who can't and won't deal with themselves. I have no special caveats for 'family' I am not working and sacrificing and what not to expose my child to these types of things. If i'm not parading men in and out the house - why would I keep turning her over to someone who is doing that with no regards for her.

So I'm like thru - don't call, don't anything. I had given 'baby bear' some money and she was demanding more, so I just left. Well I called 'Big Momma Bear' to debrief since we hadn't seen 'baby bear' in awhile that things hadn't changed and in fact had gotten worse in some areas. Well I'm a 'momma bear' and she's a 'momma bear' so she bristles at the report about her 'cub' and the conversation becomes instantly null and void. The intertwining of the whole thing is too overlapping and there can be no real conversation and some kinda way (which is normal) it began turning into another episode of "I know baby bear is out there, but let me tell you about what you are doing wrong?" Classic! The child who is not causing drama gets picked apart to avoid facing the fact that 'baby bear' has problems.

It's a shame that 'baby bear' is like she is and I feel sadness about it, and anger that the way I am living my life is always bumped up against and fault is found - we are not in Kansas anymore! but I do understand protecting the cub - I am just going to stick to protecting mine.

To Stay or Not To Stay

I'm in a quandry as to whether to continue to let myself be open to the possibilites of on-line or to give it another rest. I am not really sure how I'm feeling about the whole thing, it is a great way to just kinda sit back and look around and kick it etc. but it's also such a waste of time, lol lol I have five days to decide and I will be deciding something in those five days.

18 is a stressful number!

Here is a touchy touchy subject among women - especially black women. I have bopped around and macaronied/potatoed/fruit punched my way to an 18 pound weight gain over the past year!! I can't even sit here and say I can't believe but recently the mirror tapped me on the shoulder and was like 'looky here' and showed it to me in all it's glory, lol

I, like alot of sistas, battle with my weight due to genetics as well as foodnetics, lol I cook, I enjoy cooking, I enjoying breaking bread with friends and I also sometimes use it as a replacement for money/love/sex and the rest of the things the rest of us use it for.

I'm a shortie so anything shows right up on me. Now I lost an enormous amount of weight about three years ago (58 pounds) and this 18 signifies what I have gained back of that weight, so (here comes some justification, lol) all in all based on the stats, I'm not doing too bad and me recognizing this and nipping it in the bud will certainly help me not gain back the entire amount and like the stats also say 'then some'.

Man I was on a roll for those two years with the weight lost size 10-12 and what not flouncing around etc. Now I still flounce around because my self esteem is still intact and now I wear a 14-15 (YIKES) it's just that I know it's there - my weight settles in God why gut! It's not huge and obnoxious because I was blessed with extremely tight skin and so there is no wiggle and jiggle anywhere on my, but it's there and I know it's there dammit!

They say the 'average' American Woman is a size 14 and here in Georgia unfortunately alot of my sistas are wayyy past that. I've alway just tried to stay average and I want to go back to being average. I don't trip on the way I look because (1) I'm cute as hell and (2) why trip on it, it didn't happen by osmosis - but we are all looking around and looking at each other.

So I've already started cutting back. you rarely see me with sweets but instead of a pasta now I'm eating an extra veggie and drinking some water. I know I wrote previously about my exercise routine - well that went by the wayside - I have got to get that exercising thing. I KNOW what if off in the distance and I like to make up newer 'denial' instead of the usual (1) it's the south big is normal and (2) at least I can get a man and (3) I got such a pretty face. So while I'm working on this and sets of denial - I'll cut back my portions etc. and see about trying to get this OFF!

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