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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Sunset Monologue 37

Festivals Atlanta Style

This past Sunday, in celebration of Mothers Day I decided to attend the Sweet Auburn Festival. All my years here, I had not been to it and it was absolutely beautiful outside, so I was like let's get gussied up and go! We took the train down there (it always adds excitement for mini-me) and as we walked the maybe 3 1/2 blocks - I kept waiting to hear the drums...the drums calling me home.

When I think of festivals I think of alot of Northern ones where the joining thread is the motherland and how we are now gathering here as we did there. So there is always a slightly African or Cultural slant to the events. You get swept up in the tribal rhythms and what not. Well the first thing I heard was some very bad rapper spitting lyrics off in the distance, lol Uh that ain't Africa, lol lol

All in all the Festival was cool, albeit with that element missing it was disjointed and basically a group of black people either trying to get some sun, bootleg cd's or ass. Not to mention there should have been a section just for how to turn one scrap of fabric into an entire outfit hosted by sheniqua,lol Some of the things I did enjoy:

All in all we walked around enjoying the sights, sounds, food and what not for a good three hours. I might have to go to more Atlanta festivals.

Things that go around in my mind

  1. How come Brook Valentines "Girl Fight" is the kinda song that will make a scary sista like me - end up getting her ass kicked? LOL LOL I love that song, lol it just gets you hyped. Like listening to Public Enemy and going to work for the man, lol

  2. Why didn't Nadia knock Kenia the hell out on last nites America's Next Top Model? and Kenia needs to back away from the table, even though she's probably a size 5, lol

  3. MiMi has emancipated me and mini-me! We are loving that CD!! "Fly Like A Bird" is THE BOMB!! and "Shake it Off' oh yea!!

  4. How can I date on $2.00 - if anyone has an idea let me know

  5. This might not be politically correct, but I am becoming a blog fag hag, lol lol I just find the lifestyle and the children so fabulous sometimes. Why can't hetrosexuals be open to the fun and drama of thier lives in the same way? I read tons of them and I have my favorites and I wish I were back in NY, cause here in Atlanta, without my best friend - I don't indulge in the real life, but I got my blogs so I'm fine

  6. Uchenna and Joyce winning Amazing Race was the highlight of my week! I actually was hoarse on Wednesday and slipped on something as I was running around my living room and kinda twisted my knee, lol lol Two black couples back to back, I wonder if they are trying to figure out how to ban black people from racing, lol Don't they know we are GOOD at running, lol lol

Dateless in Atlanta

Well I think I said I was back online. So far it's been a total bust. I have no idea why, some conversation - but like most times - it's so diffcult to get someone OFF the dating page. When did we get clandestine? I don't believe that EVERYONE you've ever dated has dogged you thus you are now petrified to even meet people. It is such a fine balance trying to express interest but not fall over into the overzealous category. A couple of phone conversations that were as dead as elevator music - at least it is common knowledge that giving out your number for the most part these days does not equate stalking (thanks caller id).

There is a 'light' out there however, and I'm not trying to jinx it. I am so far enjoying his casual southern drawl and hearty laugh. He used the word 'mannish', lol I like that. That's all I'll say about that right now, maybe we'll step out the email and phone and see if the curosity is mutual.

Fly in the Ointment

Sometimes just because time moves it doesn't mean there has been any motion. You like to think that you are fine and that the past is the past and that the friendships you nuture and value are equal - but alot of times they are not. I like to think that I shouldn't have to give up anything or anyone in my life regardless of the circumstances of their departure and I feel quite sad when that happens. There has been a shift in me and 'mobettas' friendship. Noone understands why I have needed him in my life, least of all me. We are co-dependents to one another and that has been fine, but I feel like I'm trying hard to fly like a dove and he's constantly sitting like a buzzard - there's some unequality in the relationship and I think it came to a head. I have feelings about the past and he has issues about the future. I am welling up just trying to verbalize this. I might need to just let it go. I've said that for YEARS - - - to try to prove to yourself that you're wanted sometimes is a losing battle..I need to soar, I need to soar......Fantasia is singing to me "Free Yourself"

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