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Monday, June 06, 2005

Sunset Monologue 44

Stop in the name of love

As I sat here this evening drinking a soda and writing in my journal (yes I keep one of those as well) I got to thinking about all the things I need to STOP doing. You know sometimes we are so easy to identify what others are doing that they need to stop, that we forget we got shit we need to stop as of yesterday! Some of it is seriuos, but sometimes it's lighthearted stuff. Since I kinda use this as a window to my soul (seeing as my personal journal sometimes has the ability to pacify things) here is a list of the top 20 things I need to stop:

So now that I've purged all of that - where did I put my glass of Red Creame Soda!!!?!

My Weaknesses

Ok, I'm in a list mood,lol I find these things good for the soul - to sit and actually think about things about yourself is a good exercise. I won't bore you constantly with them but as I come up with them, I'll share.

So here are ten of my weaknesses or things that make me melt (so this is a good one)

Dropping a hint at something to come
I feel like dinner partying - I had one about three years ago and I never forgot how much fun I had making rack of lamb and all the fixings and just having good food, people and drink at my home. I've been watching wayy to much of the Food network and my mom sent me place setting for eight of some cool summer dishes - sooooo I might be whipping up a grand meal for a select few and of course it will be featured on said blog......stay tuned!

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