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Monday, June 13, 2005

Sunset Monologue 47

The Michael Jackson Edition

Not Guilty on all counts!

As nervous as I was about the verdict - once it was read - there was not necessarily room to celebrate. I wonder for the children who are being molested by someone out there if this was a blow - I can't forget that yea it was about Mike, but this also was about a child,lying or not (which is a crime within itself) that were being put on the stand and having suffered probably irrepairable emotional damage - hell that probably started with the mother, but that's another story.

I find it interesting that just about every party from prosecutor to Mike's publicist has talked directly about the role the media played in this. The media needs to calm THE FUCK DOWN. All this auxilliary programming - is a bit overkeel. Entertainment stations yes - but all these special shows and quizzes and what not for Mike leaves a bad taste in my mouth - we're (and I am guilty as a fan) worshipping false idols again. He is a SINGER AND DANCER.

I have tried to be objective and not just 'believe' because I like his music and in the back of my mind there was some inappropriate behaviour that took place by Mike with young boys - I don't know what it is and it might be as innocent as his 'theory' about sleeping with them.

They kept saying that the ride to the court was the longest of his life - the ride home would have been it for me because in SUV Number One I would have been lighting into his pale ass!!!

On whatever level the truth actually lies - as a fan I am MAD AT MIKE!! He has sullied my dollar (as in my memory and support of him by buying and engaging in his entertainment) by his inability to GROW THE FUCK UP!! As a fan I demand that Mike seek the therapy that he needs - and from now on conduct his charity business like everyone else - from afar. He's been given one warning in 93 and now a firm slap on the wrist in 2005.

That nigga needs to STOP DROP AND ROLL!! If he is so about the craft and the energy and the love of the his fans then he's done us a disservice and needs to come out and apologize, reorganize and get back to what he claims he loves.

YOUTH BE DAMNED! Shit I wanna get back in the womb - this world sucks - but that ain't happening and he needs to cut the cord, step away from the boys and START BEING A DAMN MAN!!!!

I think he needs to do the following:

I see a comeback in his future - I do, but as a fan, I'm only take so much of this shit Mike!

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