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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Sunset Monologue 48


I wanted to give a more complete list of what Mike should be doing, so here it is. I have been reading the articles (which are late, I posted my tentative plan last nite, lol) about Mike's road to comeback. As a fan and not a FANATIC (there is a difference), I feel like I can lay out some bullet points for Bro and after he rests and what not he can start looking at it.

But before all of that, Mike needs to go to Encino and lay up with his momma and regroup and E-A-T! All the berries and nuts and pineapple slices be damned! Ya'll saw "American Dream" on Vh-1? Katherine was cooking potatoes and collards etc. and right about now Mike needs some smothered chicken w/rice and some greens and cornbread and a big ole glass of RED KOOLAID!!

Then once his strength is back:

I read that even with Madonna new work, his OLD work beat her - so Mike ain't near about dead and there's a place for him in the music industry.

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