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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Sunset Monologue 50

Plicious does the BET Awards

How fitting my 50th sunset monologue be about one of my favorite topics award shows. I am known far and wide as the person to call to get commentary both scathing and funny about award shows. Tonite has been no exception! One of my cordless phones has died and another is on the way out from the calls. It gets to a point where someone will call and just be silent - because I haven't said the word of the day, lol

So in keeping with that tradition, let me give my two cents worth on tonites BET AWARDS show (in no particular order) - hold on to your seats, lol

Tootie, I mean Lauryn and Wyklef with Pras opened the show and I began having flashbacks of Whitney at one of the award shows and the feeling of great pain came over me then and now as I watched someone with so much potential sound like she had been swallowing razor blades - yea yea I know she was 'overzealous' at rehersal - what by singing? I hope she can drink some tea, suck on some lemon and come on back!

Will and Jada looking Hellaciously Fine came on out, overall, they have not been the absolute best hosts but, I am so enthralled with black love who cares?

Mary J. looked GREAT!! Love and Sobriety will do that to yah. Hair color fierce w/ her skin tone. Now, though I liked them if only she would have offered....

Alicia Keys her pants and traded! What the hell? Alicia needs a stylist, I would even go with Tina Knowles, cause she keep wearing things that are unbecoming and then I'd pass the business card to....

Fantasia - Honey first of all it's June all over the world - boots are packed up by everyone except strippers, lol

Look at my baby Omarion (my young short fantasy) - see what happens when you so close to the ground - you just dance like ice

Faith is an example of how tat's are just not cute on a female when you get over 30 - first off she's lost and gained weight enough times that the roses have wilted and bloomed and wilted again and spliting that bow Lauryn was wearing from that dress she was wearing - not a good move!

Toni looked good, but sweetie, we like you - it's okay to not have to show skin to get recognition.

Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle - alrightyyy now! Terrance Howard is definately in my hall of fame and Michelle should have worn a condom dress messin round with Magic. Terrance's and that stare of seduction - whew lawd!

I hope that now African Americans can feel satisfied that Denzel is giving something back - maybe it will start a trend...

Jumping off Steve - standing ovation to all the suit wearing brothas!! YUMMY!

Because I like Ciara, I liked her performance - however, she was slightly oversteppin her bounds (know your place) gushing at Missy - UM Aliyyah is Number One!

Missy gets MAD PROPS and I want one of the suits - Mike on all the sweatsuits YES YES YES

All the actual hosts of BET were WACK!!!

The show was actually ova with Gladys Knight, they just kept going, lol. I have a list of the most beautiful black women in the world and for years my top two have been 2. Ce Ce Winans and 1. Gladys! Just beautiful and sounded GOOD!! All the lip syncers and studio musicians can exit stage LEFT!

The duet between Stevie and John Legend was great - though I wish John would have given my four year old nephew back his suit!

And that was a Rick James Memorial....BITCHES!

AND FINALLY - My Alter Ego Mariah - Man I was NOT representing like I wanted to be!! I was so soft and low key. I did get them to change the stage into my own paradise but then again isn't that something I should have?

If I didn't mention a performance it's not because I didn't see it or whatever; just wasn't worthy enough for my commentary,lol

All in all I give the show a B+; there were no jaw droppers for me this year like a Mike appearance (waving at TITO)- and after my disappointed that the opening history making appearance wasn't Tupac....

The announcement of the WOMAN as the new CEO of BET, made me make a note to look at BET this fall. Maybe, just maybe if she isn't totally brainwashed by Bob, she can look out of an eye that will tone down the bootyshaking - - I'll keep my fingers crossed.

This was a great lead-in to Thursday Nite when (1) BET will play all five chapters of "In The Closet" by R. Kelly and then we go over to Bravo and tune into "Being Bobby Brown" for it to be summer - this is a bomb ass television week!

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