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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sunset Monologue 54

They Love Me - They Really Love Me

I decided to look at my own blog today and much to my TOTAL surprise my counter has turned thru the 2,500 mark (I have it set so that I don't register from my home or work computer). I can't believe it!! I want to take a moment to say THANKS to everyone who stops by for whatever reason.

I know I have my favorites bookmarked and ready at my fingertips, but it's nice to know that blogland has embraced a sista!! Keep on reading! You never know what I might come up with :)

Tossing the Pack

A new decision in my life - when the pack I am currently on is finished in a couple of weeks, I will cease taking birth control pills. NO I haven't decided to birth anything, nor have I had some kinda Moral adjustment - - I just really thought about the fact that (1) I have been taking them for like 11 years non-stop (2) they are costing me $35 a pop and more importantly (3) I ain't even getting sex on the frequency to need a birth control pill.

I've never had a scare in all these years and I really don't know why I'm taking them. I have forgone other medicine to stick to my faithful pill. Well I'm thru with that - I can use that money elsewhere. The infrequency I'm having sex and the totally non-spontaneity of it as well as the STRAP IT UP mantra, allows me to use some good ole fashioned over the counter contraceptive. So I'm going to stock up on what was my favorite the Sponge and then start the game of who's 'sponge worthy'. I know the rate is like 90% effective on that bad boy - but a condom is 100% effective on not letting 'mr. I gotta get to you egg' hit it's mark and so the sponge with it's convience, one time insertion and barely there feeling for your partner is gonna be my new method of choice.

Besides, if Lightening strike and I get into something that would even evolve to removing the condom - I can always get back on them. But for now....


And this Brotha Right Here

I met him on a yahoogroup site at least 4-5 years ago. I can't even remember. I distinctly remember this because it was my very first time meeting a group from on-line. I sashayed my ass into the Dugans on Memorial Drive and it went down hill from there - eventually leading to me getting kicked out the group (which is another story, lol) However - he coined me 'heel/toe' because whenever I take pictures or think I'm cute I walk and stand heel to toe,lol and we've been friends ever since. He's cool peeps and I just wanted to give him a shout out because, he's always been a loyal supporter and waiting patiently until every other man on the entire planet and all life forms in the universe die and then he can get his shot with me, lol lol

When I started to blog - he was like here you go again, but now (click on the link) he has his own spot and let me tell you he's shall we say 'different' I always laugh when I go over there and I wanted you to check him out as well.


Odds and Ends

This is QUITE interesting. Check it out. it's a site where they show celebrities pictures before and after retouched - celebrities and all. Alot of people look fine UNretouched but it's always interesting how the asses get bigger and the extra skin disappears and the cleavage gets even deeper, lol

pass your cursor over the pictures to see the differences.

Thanks Crunk!

Baby Daddy Hall of Fame

He is missed!!!!

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