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Friday, July 15, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 19

Free Flowing Friday

Hmmmm, I have been blogging on the regular lately. I am feeling constricted and when that happens, I have to let it out. I am considering spiraling off another page, more about opinions than commentary. That way I can exercise my freedom to talk about whatever the subject matter may be in the privacy of my own 'home'. I am a diverse soul and I don't even talk about Entertainment etc. on here like I would like to - I think that I will make me a page to run sidebar to this one - EXPANSION is coming - - so be on the lookout!!! A whole page of Pam's Daily Interests, hmmm my wheels are turning! Don't you love it!! but in the meantime, some things that are interesting to me today:


Bravo will be showing Terry McMillian's "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" here in my area from 8-10pm - I KNOW they are trying to be funny, but I might tune it to relieve her and Winston's - I mean Jonathan's beginning, lol lol

I thought it was ONLY ME

I am mad at ABC!! How in the world could they have not called me for their new five week series Hooking Up?! Good Lawd! They could have just come over here and got enough programming for the rest of the year.

Hooking up is a show about 11 women's adventures in NYC with on-line dating. I feel so VINDICATED. My stories, though deep are not outside the realm of reality in this world, lol I just sat there laughing and testifying. The guy who said he looked like Fabio, but come to find out that his pictures were 15 years old, the dates that produce spark but no fire and they have some balance because there's a chick who gives out false names and is not honest about her profession and she got her face cracked when her date was like "Nah you broke the golden rule - dating deception".

For the next five weeks I will be in front of the TV and I think I am going to write ABC - maybe they will do one here in Atlanta. I'd love to have my dates arranged and for someone to pay for all the sites, lol

Did they say over 20 million people are on-line dating? hmmmmmmm.......

Behind the Tree with Whitney

Lord have mercy! Being Bobby Brown (which I have not spoken about at all on here) What can I say that hasn't already been said. I am sooo glad that a more balanced picture of Whitney is being portrayed. I have known for years through an Aunt that knew the camp EARLY EARLY on, that the PR Machines had been working overtime on her. She's a hot mess, but she's like an accident - you don't want to look, but you are rubbernecking like hell anyway - can't even damn blink or you might miss something. Last nite I was like: (1) why did she fuck up Bobby's trip? (2) did she say she wanted to go behind a tree and have him work her over (3) was she trying to get some in the raft? This my friends, is Teleivision at it's best which says ALOT about television these days, lol lol

Well I have taken a mental health day off from work - I am anticipaing a good weekend, so I'll be back with that soon - with pictures!

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