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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sunset Monologue 55

Hump Day Hysteria

Whew have I been blogging. I think that me taking work/study from "HighSchool" has left a spot to be filled. But then again, maybe I'm just full of words that need to spill out. When your mind is going and going all the time, if it's not released - you tend to get antsy. I mean 'release' does a body good (wink).

So anyway, here are some Wednesday ramblings.

I'm going to Vegas to kick This Broads Ass!

I was so speechless! Check out Celine Dion's tribute to Michael.

Celine don lost her mind

Why did I coach 'Becky' to a man?!

Ok, a 'keebler' at my job (oh for the challenged Keeber=Cracker) and I were briefly chatting in a group & dating came up and I suggested she put an ad up. Why did I just hear that this chick met a man - who was looking for a wife - out of town - flew her up so they could go on a date and she's been going to see him EVERY WEEKEND!! It's looking serious!! I almost fell out my chair when I was told this. I've met all the men on all the sites and I can't even find one that's looking for a second date and this broad puts one ad up and finds a man, lol lol Lord have mercy! LOL LOL Okay, hateration over.

Okay I DON'T do the swirl!

Ok, lately I have been getting approached on line by Chey Whitey. Um no offense but I LOVE the black man and I only want to date him. Okay, let me repeat that - I LOVE THE BLACK MAN AND I ONLY WANT TO DATE HIM. I don't even socialize with white men because I don't want anything to be misconstrued. I have been blocking left and right because I also don't want to argue that preference. I just say "thanks but I don't date or socialize with white men good luck" CLICK IGNORE!

I need a Super Power

After seeing all these different comic book heroes strut their stuff, it dawned on me. I'm worth of being a super hero! I have so many sides to me and I think, especially since I love wearing boots that I would make one hell of a super hero, lol If anyone has any idea - who I should be & what should my power be - let me know!

Found a Cool Meme

Took this from Urban Sistas Adventure - please visit her page.

Five Snacks I enjoy
Sugar Babies
Tortilla Chips
Wavy Lays
Cheese Squares

Five Bands/singers I know most of their lyrics
The Jacksons
Michael Jackson
Janet Jackson
Teena Marie

Five Things I would do with $100,000,000
Pay of mine and all my friends debt
Give "Janet" enough money so she and I could be Oprah and Gail
Buy me a Carribbean Island and move there
Sponser an Urban area

Five Locations I'd like to run away to
Turks and Caicos - don't you love saying that
New York

Five Bad Habits I Have
Sucking my tongue
Doodling - I do it on anything, lol
Talking to myself
Being Catty
Being a GOAT

Five things I like Doing
Watching TV
Surfing the Net
Listening to Music
Reading Magazines
Laying Around

Five TV shows I like
Law and Order SVU
Being Bobby Brown
The Cut

Five Movies I like
The Five Heart Beats
The Best Man
Dumb and Dumber

Five Biggest Joys
My Child
The Sunshine
My Friends

Five Famous People I'd Like to Meet
Oprah - to bask in her aura
Michael Jackson - to get that out the way before I die
( I really can't think of anyone else, lol)

Five Favorite Toys
Digital Camera
emachines T5026
Nokia Phone
Comcast Cable DVR
GE 2.4 GHz house phone

Five People I'm Tagging
(cant' think of anyone else)

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