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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sunshine Monlogue 24

Today's My Friday

Well though yesterday was catharatic for me, it was BORING AS HELL FOR YOU! So back to your regular scheduled programming, lol It is hot as three levels of hell in Atlanta and I'm sick of it. I can't breathe and my hair looks like I've been in a fight....and lost. I have been hiding out - now believe you me - if I gotta fake it and rock it - I can, but I'd prefer to get my hair done. Tomorrow I will be camping out at the hairdresser, lol So today is the end of my workweek. I took this friday off and next thursday and friday cause mini-me will be home. I need to count my vacation days. I get 35 a year, but they can get out of hand if you taking one here and there.

Rollin out my Momma

I decided today was a good day to introduce ya'll to MY MOMMA. I haven't really felt the need to do so (especially when Video Vibrations slunk out based on who she was - which I still find amazing considering he and I spoke of MY politics and what not at length) - but because she's in print on the net right now, I thought ok. I don't think I've done so up till this point because it's not pertinent to me and my blog and I haven't really talked about most of my extended family. Because I am rollin her out however, you will not hear alot about our interpersonal relationship. I'll just leave it at take my personality which has been outlined by Chey Whitey in the previous post and run that up the flagpole of a Type A personality on Red Bull - you get my drift. So in order not to convulute her accomplishments etc. - I won't be expounding on our relationship, but because I am damn proud of her - I will allow you a peek into the professional side.

Sad that Martin when out so messed up

I have been tuning into old episodes of Martin. I happen to catch the series finale the other day and I was sitting there like DAYUM!! What a way to mess up a show! The entire premise of the show was the connection and timing between Martin and Tisha Campbell and after she married Duane Martin and his insecurities starting coming out - it basically ruined the show. They had sexual harassment claims and all kinds of stuff and the end of the last season - Martin and Gina were never in the same room, shot or anything. Then Martin looked thin and drugged and we know about the things that happen to him after the show. I tell yah - it was just such a disappointment that it didn't go out like Cosby, A Different World, Living Single or later on Jamie Foxx. I wish we could get a do over!

Not My Kind of Girl

Was listening to some New Edition this morning and had an epiphany - this shit is self explanatory - so I'll just post the lyrics and let it marinate, lol

Oh girl I know that you're
Attracted to me
And I should feel the same
About you
There's just something wrong
I don't know what it is
That keeps us from becoming a two

It's not your looks, you're very pretty
It's not your style, the way you dress is oh so fresh
It's not the way that you carry yourself

Oh, girl I'm sorry
You're not my kind of girl
Case you're the kind of girl That a man's dreams are made of

Oh girl I'm sorry
You're not my kind of girl

cause you're the kind of girl
that a man would be proud to call his own

Girl listen to me
You're so pretty
I wouldn't cgange a thing about you
But I've been in love before
So I know how it feels
And the chemistry just isn't there

'Opinions are like assholes...we all got em'.Quite a popular phrase. I was tooling along in the car this morning and realized something - that in the beginning of the net discussion groups were like the cream de la cream. It was a place for all types of people to expound on what their personal truths were - you could always find someone that was walking your walk and talking your walk. As a participant it was an excellent venue to throw what you believe against the wall and see if it stuck. Fast forward to now. There is officially nothing left to discuss. In particular African Americans have totally lost a monumental opportunity to take the internet and treat it like our own modern 'underground railroad' we could have had a revolution three times so far, but in actuality all we've had is an open door to all of our decadance and enough rhetoric to send scholars into tailspins from the grave and beyond.

Pesonally, I've come to a point in my life where discussions are not enough - there needs to be experience and commentary. Life is not a series of questions anymore. All the answers are available to all of us, if we chose to seek them out. I've flung most of what I believe are my personal truths up against the wall and alot of them stuck and those that didn't - I went along and found one that did OR I decided fuck that - I'm going with what I believe. Now put that thought process up against the rest of the world thinking the same thing and you see where I'm going with this - I'm discussed out, lol At this point and time opposites no longer attract - we all are looking to be with those that think like us and so I am enjoying READING and OBSERVING alot more these days than actively participating. Because if we all got opinions then there is no universal truth - so why keep arguing about it?

Dateless in Atlanta

I've been having these methaphoric mind chats with someone I met awhile ago on BP (before I totally took my stuff down because it's just foul over there). He popped back up and just started talking to me. For the past couple of evenings, we've had these battle of words about how hot it is. The common link we have is that we grew up here and last nite we spoke quite fondly of being a teenager in Atlanta. I enjoy our conversations, but I'm not pushing up on Bro, just conversing, I think he's an eternal member of the IM, lol lol He ain't coming out of there, lol but I haven't conversed with someone who grew up here - so it's cool while it lasts. If anything changes (which I doubt) I'll let yah know, lol

Dang I wish I had of met 'Brooklyn' earlier in the summer! We hanging this Friday evening - can't wait. Sometimes stuff just surprise yah - a platonic male friend - QUITE REFRESHING!!

Met my neighbor from across the street last evening. He's been over there for awhile, just haven't had a chance. Cool peeps - rough around the edges and all up in my grill, lol I invited him over for a drink at the happy hour on Saturday - I hope I don't have to a restraining order, lol He looked wayyyy to happy, lol

I'm on countdown to the applications process being OVER for Summer 2005 - I'll be regrouping and beginning the Fall Phase of recruiting sometime in August.


Childless in Atlanta

SEVEN DAYS until Mini-Me is back in the saddle. I have to get some food in the house, go into her dungeon and air it out and basically that's it. I spoke to her yesterday and she wants me to go and pay for a trip to six flags, her Atlanta camp is going on next Friday and to remind me that she'll be spending the nite at camp! I just stared at the phone. I took off so that maybe we could hang and this gal got PLANS ALREADY!!! I can't even hate - I want her life to be full - well I guess I got another Friday nite to hang out - she won't be home, lol lol

Funny, I have put NO BABYSITTING dollars in this two weeks budget - watch the phone begin to ring........

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