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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 23

A Glimpse Into the Darkside

Woke up disenchanted this morning.... Lay in bed glad I was given an opportunity to wake up, but cursing the world....Hot as hell as usual....Second shower needed...why do I work?.....I'm broke as glass in a china shop AFTER the bull has made his appearance....why can't I go to work naked?.....naked never works when it's hot - you need light airy fabrics....had a dream that I was a dancer for Common and we moved in together.....I was thin in my dream and tall...don't you love dreams?....keep leaving the TV and light on nightly.....waking at 4am to cut them off....I remember waking at 4am because me and 'mobetta' would talk on the phone....isn't it nice to know someone is there for you at 4am?.....I need a kiss....a kiss from a strong man...a kiss from a man who feels a spark in his heart when he kisses me.....I need some D-I(whooo shut yo mouth!)......I will not let my disenchantment get the better of's temporary.....where's my CD?......Mike glad you can be of assistance...closing my eyes "Let me show you...let me show you the way to go".....Happy Place.....Going to have a good day afterall.

The Dissolving of Casual

The earth is continuously spinning and we should be moving right along with it. Such is the case with 'Italy' and I. I was sitting on the couch the other nite and gave him a call. I hadn't talked to him in about a week. I went straight to voicemail. I left a quaint message and went on back to what I was doing. Later on however it dawned on me. Our relationship has changed. When he was living in a small village, he leaned heavily on my laughter, my wit to take him away from the locals. Hours of phone conversation and in person passion. Well now "Italy" has moved to the big city. Lots of sights and sounds and conquests to make. Phone conversation lessened a bit, but the flirtation was still there. Then more stories about this one and that one - so I added my own stories. A small puncture hole in the carefully crafted balloon. I can feel the air seeping out, but it's still afloat. My interest starts to wane because I'm off doing other things as well and I want my interest to equal his current. After that phone call, I feel a soft breeze on my face, the hole is bigger - his phone is never off, I had carte blanc, not anymore - - - I'm glad that the balloon didn't burst and put my eye out. It was meant to just gently deflate leaving the remnants of one type of relationship. He still hasn't called me back....

As Always I'm on the cutting edge

Chris is one of over 40 million Americans who visited an online dating service last year, according to a report by comScore Networks. Online dating generated $214 million in revenue in 2003, and JupiterResearch has reported that the industry revenue will top $516 million this year, making it the most important subscription-based business on the Internet.

African Americans make up an ever-growing chunk of the online dating market. Even though the 2004 empirical analysis of online dating, 'What makes You Click: An Empirical Analysis of Online Dating' by economists from the University of Chicago and MIT, observed that "minorities are largely underrepresented' on many major dating sites, the researchers noted the rise in black-only dating Web sites. Whether you're looking for a "Black Singles Connection" or an "Online Booty Call," there's a Web site out there for you. There are currently over 25 active major Web sites dedicated solely to African-American dating, but there are also major online dating services like, which features the profiles of over 1.5 million Black singles. Other Web sites are not strictly dedicated to online dating, but many of their millions of members, like Chris and Cyrica, use them to make love connections.


Found this interesting (if skewed since BV, AOL and are all in cohoots) article about Black On-line Dating. Quite interesting indeed. Nothing I didnt already know, but people let's face it - it's here to stay. It has forever changed the landscape of dating, relating and choosing mates. It also has added an entity of mistrust, deception, greed and ambivalence that we now have to deal with. Welcome to the New Era in Dating. I'm going to one day list all the dating sites for us - to make your search easier, lol

Doing for Self - Family Promotion

Take a moment and check out my brothas web page. It's under construction but you get the basics. He's making hand crafted furniture and his business is taking off!

Party Central

14 invites sent out 11 confirmations and 3 just haven't read their email as of yet. That's what I'm talking about. I'm getting excited, lol "Janet" and I thought up a great drinking game! I don't want this to turn into a traditional 'party' this is a Happy Hour event, unstructured, no pressure, freedom to just chill and enjoy the vibe.

Smile for the camera

As much as I enjoy taking pictures of myself, I haven't taken any of my self-glamour shots since June. I was reminded of this by a friend, who commented that I take great pictures. I've had my leg up on the blog for a minute - maybe I'll take a picture of another body part, lol Wouldn't THAT be special? (sassy grin).

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