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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sunset Monologue 57

I don't do parties

I have retitled them 'get togethers' because several years ago - I was giving parties and they got expensive and stressful. 'Get Togethers' take the pressure off and allow those that want to come, to come and those that think every get together with black people should include an opportunity to screw or drink liquor out of Quik Trip Big Gulp Cups, can NOT come.

With mini-me, practically on a plane home, I wanted to have something at my house. I had been going to 'Janets' home and others and I wanted to pull it back to my spot. Have some grown life up in the place, because starting tomorrow, I will be getting my agenda together for getting ready for school etc. and a much more reeled in existence, which by the way I'm not sorry about.

The Set-Up

I am a person who can do well under self-imposed pressure. So the notion that I had to pull the entire party together in basically 5 hours was something I eagerly took on. Now, I've been planning all week, I could have cleaned, I could have done some prep work on the food but NOOOOOOOOO, I bopped around, went to the movies Friday nite and then did my grocery shopping on THE DAY OF THE EVENT!! Quite 'pam-like', lol I just got in the zone and got it going.

I had everything planned out with an alotted time. It was that simple and believe you me, it was flowing quite freely and I was whipping the entire thing into shape. I had said sixish - which gave me a phantom hour that I never count (that hour is the hour black folks take EXTRA or commonly known as CP TIME). I operate off the original time set. Anything else should be to crunk it up higher.

So like a well oiled machine, here was my written time frame:

First guest arrived at around 6:45pm - I LOVE entertaining and I'm good at it (self-complimenting grin, lol)

Getting it Started!

This was the little get-together that could. I invited 14 people - my house is little, basically an apartment sat on the ground - so to many bodies would have been cramped. I thought around 10 would show - 7 showed so with me that made 8, which turned out to be a good group of folks. Six women and Two Men.

I, if I say so myself, had laid out quite a nice spread. I did all the cooking and it was a joy. We had spinach dip w/veggies, Tortilla chips w/queso & ground beef dip, salsa, regular chips, macaroni and crab salad, curry chicken salad and spicy bbq hot wings. I also made some of my non-alcoholic punch and supplied sodas, ice and mixers (juice etc.) There was a variety of food for the nibbler.

"Janet" and "JD" got here first - "Janet" immediately made Berry Mojitos for us, while "JD" made sure all the food was edible, lol. I was drinking out of my Coconut Cup, like a good hostess should! (always do something to distinguish you from the guest, lol
By 9:00pm things were in full swing....


Anyone who knows me, knows that when I'm in my element, with my friends - I am very relaxed. The notion that I am reserved is one I put forth, lol I've spun a fine weave of multi-plicity about myself - it's the Gemini in me, lol.

As spoken about previously on the page, I have been having a fascination with the soundtrack to Husle and Flow, lol "Whoop that Trick" has been officially declared my song of the summer, closely followed by "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" so of course I had it in the playa for when the time was right. "JD" and I had dabbled a bit and "Janet" and I agreed that it just made you wanna dance. So I was hyped anyway. It's always a pleasure when you run into people who are not so caught up in 'right' that they can't mold a spectrum of it for themselves. Last nite was the nite to listen to stuff we don't let our kids listen to, lol lol Then it was time! I got that bad boy going and we set off on a journey, that ended like alot of my journeys that involve alcohol, ON MY ASS!

We were off the chain! A group of professional black women singing at the top of our lungs "Beat that trick, Stomp that trick" It was a sight to behold, lol lol We were dancing and singing and just having a good time - when in an overzealous attempt at whipping "JD" using a morph of the dance we had developed, I stepped back and just kept going and going and going.....if a chair had not stopped my descent, I would have literally fallen out my screen door. Now the funny part IT'S ON TAPE!! One of my male friends from BTW, (who by the way brought a quite tastey Sweet Potato Cheese Cake - He can bake! - I think I spoke of him because he brought a cake to my b'day party) had his camcorder and was taping us and though you don't see me falling because he was focusing on us dancing - you see everyone's reaction and then you see me plopped in the chair. Man oh Man!! Only like I can do it! I've never been coordinated and never have professed to be, lol lol Talk about a good time!
We got quite loud and rowdly and the conversation was good and flowing. I did my Flag girl routine (which I never made it, but I gave it a good BTW try). We just had a good time! I can't say that enough.

The Wind Down

We ended the gathering like any good gathering should be ended, with our favorite couple - - - Bobby and Whitney. Bravo has seemingly cancelled all future programming to play them non-stop and we are a captive audience. I wish I had a ticker-tape like in NY around my house, so I can just sit back and tune in, lol lol

The Party's Over

After helping me do some cleaning and making plates which I required everyone to do, the get-together officially ended at around 1:00am. I looked around as everyone left and felt like this was a success. The food, company, drink, music, conversation and television - was good, topical and lively. That's all you really ask for when you have groups of people anywhere. I will have to see about doing one again soon.

As usual, the perfect night cap would have been some fine blackman wanting to (quoting Whitney) 'Work Me Ova', lol - but all that in due time.

Bloggin Steps Off The Computer

I'm very excited to say that I have met a fellow blogger, live and in person! Sista Morena and I have been communicating pretty much since I began blogging and so I invited her to the party. Her aura seemed like, she could flow in circles where she really didn't know anyone and I was right! What a beautiful sista with a great spirit. I am so glad that she accepted the invite and came. She was right in there with us and honey that's something in itself. I look forward to furhering our budding friendship.

The Aftermath

I only had a slight headache for a couple of hours today. I've already put the living room back together and I ran the dishwasher last nite - so life is back to normal. I nibbled a bit on the leftovers, but basically a quiet Sunday. Couple of phone calls letting me know, they enjoyed themselves. A couple of conversations with people full of excuses as to why they didn't come - no problem, I don't trip on that kinda stuff - though I was a bit peeved that "Brooklyn" got ghost! Platonic should not have those kinda issues - only brothas I DATE - do that kinda stuff, lol

Anyway, a sista had a good time - doesn't it show?



I don't usually give commentary but I have to this time. Harvey Walden the fitness instructor on "Celebrity Fit Club" Ooooo La La - there is just something about this man, when he yells at them - it's almost orgasmic. I feel the need to smoke a cigarette, lol lol lol So here's to my ANGRY BABY DADDY!

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