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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Sunset Monologue 59

Uh Can My Child Come Home?!

Who the hell is flying!? Mini-me was suppose to be preparing for landing right about now - but she has not been able to get on a flight. She's flying with a buddy pass - therefore she's Standby - and they went out for her original flight and they told my Brotha that the flight was full and the next one so forget it - well He is impatient so He left - they go back and were told, they could have gotten her on the flght. I told him to STAY THERE! Now they are three flights past her original flight and they are trying to get her on the 9:15pm flight! If not she has to fly out first thing tomorrow morning! This is stressful, not because of the airlines but because there are chips being added to the 'stress Pam out' fund about this. I am SURE to get a phone call about the extraordinary measures that were taken and time spent to get her on a flight that should be monetarily compensated. I'll be screening calls for the next week.

How about this as well? My Brother wears ARMY FATIGUES to the Airport and He has an ARABIC First and Last Name!!!!! He is wondering why they are damn near about to do a CAVITY CHECK on him!! Lord Have Mercy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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