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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 26

Her imminent Arrival

Mini-me is due in 3 1/2 hours. Her spirit has already filled my heart. I have missed my little lady and can't wait to see, smell and touch her. She had given me instructions to go pay for her camp trip to Six Flags (I'm like excuse me!) but it got cancelled! Then the director calls me and says you won't believe this; the local radio station called and they are taking the kids for free!! Look at that! I tell you! I took tomorrow off, but I think she wants to go see her friends - so we'll see. I thought I would have an extra Friday evening because she would be spending the evening at camp for a sleep over, but that got canceled as well. I don't mind though. So here's what's on my mind today....enjoy!

I said I was going to come in there!

Part of the only trepredation mini-me has about going away is that I'm going to come in her room and excavate, lol Everytime she is away I do that. I throw away, give to the good will and basically liquidate. It's become easier since she's gotten older, because of the type of things she now uses to entertain herself.

This trip is no exception. I usually redo the whole room as well, but this year due to money constraints and an effort to slow my roll on the 'giving' part of our relationship, I just switched out her comforter (with a good find at the thrift $6.99) and that's that. I also didn't clean out her drawers, I'm leaving that for her to do as she puts up her clothes out the suitcase. I am not as eager to 'do it all' anymore. She's old enough to put her nose to the grindstone.

Nevertheless, it took me an hour to get that mess straight. There is NOTHING like a clean child's room!

Dateless in Atlanta

Are the last one's the charms? As with alot of things, ESPECIALLY, in situations where you were on a mindset and then switch gears, some choice opportunities come out the woodwork. I've been bopping around for what...six or so weeks, meeting people with various degrees of interest on my part - - then BOOM! BOOM! Two interesting prospects rise up out the rubble, lol lol. I met one last evening and I was quite intrigued; as always I have totally gotten off the radar as to 'signs a man likes you' so I'll have to sit back and see what becomes of that. Another one wrote me quite an impressive introductory email and we have chatted - so we'll see about that one as well. As always I'll update you on these developing or undeveloped stories, lol

You Better Work!

I want to GO TO THIS!! I just want to sit back and watch. I saw 'Paris is Burning' and walked around calling myself Extravangzaaaaa for a minute, lol lol I know, I got issues, but this looks like sooo much fun.

Fat Chance!

Monique's new show Fat Chance will be premiering on Oprah's Oxygen Network, this Saturday Evening at 8pm est. I am all for self confidence and loving you etc. etc. but I am not a believer that carrying around excessive weight is good for you. So I hope that as part of this, they will be discussing food choices, exercise and health. I am a 'plump' woman myself, but I know this is not helping me live longer - I embrace ME but I don't embrace IT.

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