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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Sunset Monologue 63

Footloose and Fancy Free

This evening, I am going footloose and fancy free - not so much about me, but just stuff all around that I am experiencing. Enjoy!

Blog getting kinda fancy

Let me tell you about some of the new stuff. Most of it is located to the LEFT......
<------------- For instance, I have now added feed clickets to the page. You can click on the Yahoo one and add me to your 'my yahoo' page and I'll be there waving back at cha! I also have added an RSS feed, if you are Yahoo 360'ing etc. feel free to add me.

Another addition is my mini-blog. I rolled that out yesterday and still working out some kinks with the link over there, but it should be fixed this evening. This blog is entitled MY DIET HELL - so stop by while I document basically free-style my trials and tributions to get rid of some of this extra licious, lol

I also have added more names to my favorites. Please take a moment to read some of this stuff. Open your mind and let these people come into your world. I think you'll find it quite interesting. I have now replaced my magazine reading with the blogs - a nice way to relax in the evening. I need a body double, so I can just sit here, lol

I haven't had time to get the sponsers going, but that will be a weekend project, I hope some of them can be helpful to you.

Cyber Stress Release

Wanna SLAP SOME HOES or BEAT SOME BITCHES? Well have at it!

R Kelly don got cartoonized!

Introducing Trapped in the Closet - SIMS Style

Beverly Two Books in One Year!

Oh wow! My favorite author Beverly Jenkins, the best Author for Historical Black Romances - delved into the land of the present with two books, well apparently in November she has another one coming out "Black Lace". Whew! Cant' wait. I need to read the second book in this series and quick. I have it on my shelf, but was having a hard time - focusing on the present when she's so good with the past, but I'll get it read before November.

My Next CD Purchase

Ok the last CD I bought was Fantasia and that was a stretch - but I am going to get.....Eric Benet's new one "Hurricane". I have read around and heard that it is absolutely beautiful. I have his other ones and I don't give a hot poptart about his dealings with Halle, they are entitled to thier drama, besides quiet as it's kept, it's not to far fetched to believe something's wrong with the twizzard anyway. I mean damn, she just like the rest of us, lol So why deprive that broke brotha some ends to feed his child? I think I'll pick that up this weekend.

Baby Daddy Extra!

I'm single - why not!

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