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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sunset Monologue 73

Someone Please Call 911

Hmmm, when the first thing you do when you get home is pour you a drink, you know it's been one of those days,lol "Bob and Weave" "Bob and Weave" is all I can say.

Gotta Shake It Off - Part III

Self-Righteousness is a motha! You know that little click inside of humans giving them the ability to have 'selective amnesia' - like the drug addict that's been clean one week and now all of a sudden they 'better' than other drug addicts and can't imagine how they ended up there. Funny how strong those wings grow.

I Rebuke Thee!

Whew! I've had to toss my pea soup up today! My head had spun around and I have levitated at the sheer magnitude of some people's nerve. I am a changed person, I am a changed person - I will not get down there or go there - just maintain who you are and it will all work itself out. It will all work itself out.

She Ain't Heavy - She My Woman

Because we live in a semi-hell state most of the time; alot of the value of other humans is lost. Particularly among the opposite sex. The 'purpose' of men and women and the 'necessity' of them in our lives has been warped to reasons so superficial that we basically can remove all that makes us us and just keep the genitals and the wallet. If they had a coochie/dick wallet - even better - kill two birds with one stone.

I know differently and as I drove home today, I thought about a good reason to have a mate. I wanted to come home after having told my mate previously on the phone what a horrific day I had; trying to make sure I have a spot in this world and am heard in the chasm that is a part of my life, and be turned right around because I'm going out to dinner. When I get home, the child is directed to leave me be so that I can just sit down and relax. Later on strong black male hands are rubbing my back and comforting me and giving me perspective I can't see because it's my nature to react emotionally. My bath is drawn and we sit and talk him moving the washcloth lovingly over my skin as the warm water lifts my day away and the cool wine - clouds my head of the bullshit. He's the king of that house - and he's taking care of the house. You can't tell me that a man is just about having inhouse sex and some extra money.

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