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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sunshine Monologue 29

Dropping It Like It’s Hot

What’s up good people! As promised, I’m carving out some time to give you the word, lol. I have been jotting down all kinds of topics but, some have bubbled up to the top. So let’s get it crunk! (Feeling quite youthful today, if only the words I were using WERE the words the youth are using currently, lol)

Have We Cum Yet?

(This is apart of a new series – So High on the Soap Box I Got A Nose Bleed - I will visit occasionally)


I remember back in 1994-95 when I got my first computer. I immediately became entranced with that old IBM – who would have thunk? Were my first words. I then proceeded to hook that bad boy up to my telephone line and begin my journey thru prodigy on the internet – dirt road. As construction became diligent and the road turned into a Highway – something else caught my interest. Pornography and the overwhelming abundance of it. I had never seen so many images in my LIFE. At the time, they were mostly white images and let me tell you, people started coming out the woodwork. I could smell the demise of a people off in the distance and the pages of a lot of holy books were blowing in the wind landing right on the chapter/verse about Sodom and Gomorrah.

Ahh those were the days, as more and more people of color got up to speed and joined me on this quest – boy were we off the chain. This was like emancipation all over again, we had a voice to the whole freaking world! We could say what we wanted, when we wanted, to whom we wanted with no retribution. It was the closest to true Freedom of Speech we had ever come.

We laid it out too, every repressed sexual curiosity we were ripe for the taking. Men at the time led the helm – being a Blackman in American and dealing with his sexuality has always been a hot bed topic, so they came out in force – letting sistas know they had the goods to keep us satisfied and letting other races of men know “fuck what cha heard! Here it is IN YO FACE, don’t trip on it now” Black women quickly caught up – we didn’t want to be overshadowed, we were holding it down as well – “HA! Don’t you wish you had this round ass? Don’t you wish you had these full plump breasts? Collectively we all stood up and was like “We are sexual, we look good and don’t you wish it were you?!”

Fast Forward…….alot of us are now in our mid to late 30’s if not older. The highway has no ending and a lot of the side shows have become deviant. You gotta wear hip boots, to really get a good speed going as you surf. We’ve totally become desensitized to the abundance of sex on the net and it doesn’t phase us anymore. Now we have internet dating, internet proposals, internet marriages, web cams, digital cameras, photoshop and a host of side equipment to present ourselves to the world. We also have stalkers, sex addicts, pedophiles, disrespect all mingled in their together.

So for me, the question begs to be answered. For anyone over 30 (because the youth are going to experiment) exactly what is the purpose of flaunting your sex (because sexuality is different) on the net?

Did a new way to suck dick come about in the last 24 hours that I missed? Did the configuration of genitalia change – have we had some kinda biological metamorphosis? Have we not figured out how to have sex as of yet so we need a constant reminder that doggy style works? With the state of the relationships between black men and women; how productive is it to constantly describe in detail how you like to be fucked? Or how you fuck? Then become offended when you get disrespectful IM’s, an email full of perverts etc., and in the very next section of your internet life, discuss how you are looking for a good strong ‘God Fearing’ person…hmmmmm – notice the disconnect?

Anyone in their 40’s – why is your naked ass on the net? Why would a grown man put his penis on the net at this point in the game? Why are 85% (and I don’t think that’s to far off) of the black women currently on the net in the popular discussion groups etc. etc. just nasty – at the blink of an eye – they will show you anything – no shame – in the game – at all. (and it will be another discussion about the fact that about 75% of us are overweight and out of shape to begin with - the double D's didn't come about by genetics - try Macaroni).

If you continuous show up at the party naked, who can respect you clothed? Has freedom of speech, caused us to develop emptiness of morals? I have no sympathy for any of us in the marriage/dating pool. It’s like we are stuck on masturbation overload – look at me – I got a dick – it’s a big black dick, I can line quarters on it, ooo excuse me for being married,just focus on the dick – look at me – I can open my pussy lips as wide as the screen – ooo excuse my nasty house and just focus on the pussy.

It’s old – we are now grown up and we have grown up right here on this highway – we scrambling now to protect our children from guess what? All the shit we have done on the net. I expect to see plenty of teenagers running into their mommas and daddies on it’s only a matter of time. Is that how we wanna go out?

Doesn’t anyone else see the absurdity of how we are acting on the net?

Grabbing the Tissue for my nosebleed and stepping off the soapbox

Gotta Shake It Off – Part III

Part of my journey is about accepting responsibility for what I have done to configure my life the way it is, both negative and positive. That for a lot of people is a big step. We always have fantasy, excuses and selective amnesia when it comes to looking at the total picture. People just don’t assign behavior or attitude to people by osmosis; a lot of times you have exhibited qualities that get you labeled evil, mean, stingy, skanky, etc. etc. Accepting responsibility for what you have done is a big thing. It also is very freeing, because if you look at it honestly – then you can filter out what you haven’t done – and give that back to the person etc. who it belongs to. Even in doing that, you find you got a whole hell of a lot to work on, so imagine when you were working without all the tools necessary. I have given back what belongs to a person and it immediately diffused the stress in me and I am one day closer to hitting my mark on stepping into 40 with a lot of new attitude.

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