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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sunset Monologue 68

Just A Quick Message

This isn't a formal entry because there is structured rambling and then there is nonsensical rambling. Right now, I am void of a fully composed entry mentally. I find myself on this computer just because it's here. I'll just dip my ink in the well briefly until I can come back full strength.

The Flow of Letting It Go

All the while I have been joking about the application process for my affection being closed, but deep in my psyche, there was some truth to that. I don't know about anyone else, but it gets draining for me; this whole dating game. It's so taxing on the mind and spirit and because I am a intense personality when it comes to these things, especially so for me.

Sometimes we say 'fuck it I'm thru' but we get antsy in our personal space and are right back on the hamster wheel and sometimes we really get into the flow of letting it go. That's where I'm at.

There is more peace right now with the phone not ringing, the IM box not blowing up than there has been in awhile. My indication that it's okay to just be at the moment.

When I get in this mode; the level of come hither that has to be presented to me is exceptionally high, lol You gotta be whooo weeee for me to get excited about it.

Being a woman - a single woman - a woman who would like a man (because alot of us don't want one) is an interesting journey to say the least. You are in a constant state of flux - you want to not think about it, but you do; you want to shut the door - but you always leave a foot in the crack. You mosey around; walking like you don't care, but looking out the corner of your eye for him. That's just too much fucking pressure if you ask me, lol lol

I'm chillin - it's peaceful up in my spot and at the present moment - I'm content.

Standing Tall

Took Mini-me to the Dr. today and she's grown 5 inches over the summer!! She's now 4 feet 7 inches to my 5 feet 2-1/2 inches. Isn't it funny that you can remember when they fit in the length of your crooked arm.

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